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Sorry about this, non-stans.... - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
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Sorry about this, non-stans.... [Apr. 14th, 2014|05:45 pm]
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OK here's a CRAP-TON of (ok not a crap-ton, 32) screen grabs from Block B's video "Jackpot". I loved these pictures but I'm stuck putting them on LJ because my ISP quit letting us have webpages? What the hell? Anyway, GIANT BEAUTIFUL PICTURES OF THESE MOST DIVINE GENTLEMEN.
The take-away here is, I'm pretty sure I've become PO biased. I don't even know how, but you'll agree with me by the end.
I will add captions and stuff later, they exist but for some reason LJ doesn't seem to give a crap. Why did I type in any captions at all if it doesn't display them? Well at least if you hover there's a title. Way to be cheap, LJ.

opening sequence
Zicos lovely
Master of Puppets
Pretty in Pink
Shes not a member
Epic faces
Screengrabs you need
Similar but unique
Zico wut
Must be awesome
Yes you are pretty

Slick B-Bomb
Curly Kyungie
Blonde Jaehyo

Ukwon blonde
His only weakness
Perfect PO 1
Perfect PO 2
PO eats a bug
Perfect PO 3
Perfect PO 4
Perfect HAIR
Perfect PO 5
Perfect PO 6

Blonde Jaehyo

Joe Besser FTW

Whatcha got there
Dancing Machine
Who is this guy anyway
the B stands for what now
Wait wait wait

added these natural U-kwon!
High stakes
Ukwon WINS
I'm not insanedrop trou!