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More on ep 30 - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
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More on ep 30 [May. 3rd, 2004|09:34 am]
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Dude, I just know Roy is gonna start blowing up Ishval again. ;_; And they're all gonna stand by Scar because that's how Ishval people are. And they're gonna get massacred again! I hope the Elrics show up and help out the Ishval people. Even though Ed claims he is gonna get Scar for killing state alchemists, he is not the sort of person who kills, even if he thinks he is. Plus Al is there to say "Yo, without Scar around, what the hell chance does Ishval have to survive!"
I sure would like to see a little shishoh vs. Armstrong fight. Armstrong only sparkled once, because he doesn't like what he's being ordered to do ;_; Was well cute him and Sieg, tho.

People in the comm who have read the manga keep saying things that end up to not be true, and yet insisting that the anime is not going to stray from the manga.
point #1: Tucker. Was dead in the manga, and now here's his 2nd cameo, and he's running with Greed!
point #2: Kimberly. I asked if he ran with Greed and they were all "Nope." and then, there he is, running with Greed!
point #3: They keep insisting the Fuhrer is Wrath, but there really has been absolutely no evidence to that effect. I'm beginning to doubt if the Fuhrer is Wrath, or even if he's a homunculus at all. Sloth seems to not really want him overhearing her conversations, so even if he is a homunculus he must not be in league with Envytachi.

Greed mentions Envy and Pride are after the.. er, either the mystery kid or the elrics, I forgot. I think Archer is Pride. I don't care what Newtype said.
I don't know what to think about mystery kid. Unless they're gonna throw us a real plot-twist, he *is* a homunculus, and he *can* use alchemy.

See, here's my theory about the Ishval folk. They have the key to going through the gate without paying the toll. I think this because so far color has been very symbolic, and red especially has been symbolic of things having to do with the philstone. And Ishval have red eyes. Plus, Bruce did not lose a brother or a limb or internal organs when he went through the gate. OK, he might have lost "the" appendage, they woudln't let us see that in the scenes where he is naked. Would also make sense with Cheryl = Lust. But I digress.
So, if they can go through the gate without paying the toll, that would make them the ultimate alchemists. Which would make them the ultimate power in the world. Which is why the military is trying to kill them all before Ishvara raises the restrictions on alchemy.
And who the hell was the so-totally-random guy that had the circles on the walls? Is Scar going to ask him what is on his arm, or is he going to kill him? And why don't we know his NAME.
Where were Rick and Leo? Don't tell me they were killed in the raid in ep 25. I'll cry! It's sad enough they all live like refugees, and they're going to get bombed to hell because they are the same ethnic group as Scar, who really sorta has the right to kill state alchemists anyway considering there's no other way for Ishval to survive!

Well, there is one way...
I'm not insanedrop trou!