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Episode 31 - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
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Episode 31 [May. 8th, 2004|05:12 pm]
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I am resisting the urge to post in comms. I must wait until I have seen the sub and have a valid well-grounded theory.

OK, like, this whole "we're not going to give him a name" thing is really getting annoying. I'm quite sure that Rick and Leo are looking for their buddy Scar, and I know that they and shishoh Ken know his name, which is why the scene has no sound but incidental music. It all looked very sad. I... almost fear what is being said that we can't hear. No, that's a lie. I DO fear what was said that we can't hear.
Pretty sure that Scar ain't in the slums no more. Pretty obvious that the scene where he's looking at the signs on the wall and Mr. Freaky (who I will now call Uncle Stinky until we find out who he is) walks in was something that happened prior to the kids talking to shishoh Ken.
Two things are certain. Uncle Stinky *aint* Bruce (oh thank goodness), and he knows something about the Arm-O-Doom.

Let me backtrack for a moment to discuss ethics. Shishoh Ken. He says in episode 25 that Scar has been naughty by killing state alchemists. He says in ep 30, about Uncle Stinky, "That guy is a sinnah". Ok, so it's a sin to use alchemy, but it's not a sin to kill people? What the hell kind of philosophy is that?

What the hell is Al going to do with regards to Moofy? Rip his limbs off and hand them to Ed?

OK, I REALLY didn't like that look shishoh had on his face. It fills me with dread. I'm kinda glad Lust and Gluttony were there. They can save Ishval from Roy. But only if they want to, and you never know what their agenda is.

EDIT: I'm no longer convinced that Archer is a homunculus. He seemed genuinely confused about the Envy daisotoh.

Also, GreedxKimberly. It's canon:

"Why, yes, I did remember to bring an uke."

I'll be updating the website later this evening.

I'm not insanedrop trou!