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Nearly forgot this FMA -ness - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
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Nearly forgot this FMA -ness [May. 10th, 2004|10:01 pm]
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Uncle Stinky must have been the one to put the tattoo on Bruce's back. Unless my contact paper and a sharpie theory holds. He's gonna say next time we see him "I helped a guy draw symbols like that all over his body. What a fuckin freak." and then Scar is gonna say "Fuck you! That was my brother!" and then Uncle Stinky will say "Wait! Don't kill me! I can help!" and Scar will be like "Eh?" and Uncle Stinky will pull out a sharpie and Scar will go "AIGH! Get away from me with that sharpie, you freak!"

Kimberly has moved up to spot #3 on my favorite characters list. Possibly will surpass Greed depending on next week's episode. Although, Greed does have huge biceps. So, in order, and no I have no good reason for ranking characters, 1-Scar 2-Greed 3-Kimberly 4-Al.

And I guarantee, Frank Archer is Arnold Rimmer :)

In other news, I've just written to sonymusic.co.jp asking that they name Scar and his brother Matthew and Bruce.

And AIGH did Envy mean that Moofy = Wrath, or is someone else Wrath? He was all "Hagane will be shaking in his boots!" Izumi said the gate was to hell, but Ed said it was the truth. I bet the truth is that alchemy really IS of the devil, like Ishvara says.
The point is, the anime is DIFFERENT from the manga. Envy said Wrath was with Edward. The phone said that the Fuhrer had no intention of coming to South HQ. Therefore, Wrath != Fuhrer. HAH. So there, all those spoiler-posters who don't read my LJ anyway! Heh.
I think he meant that moofy = wrath. Has to be, or there's another character that we still don't know about.

I still have a terrible feeling of impending doom -_-

Here's how it goes. Roy shows up, and he's like "I know you have a criminal hiding here!" and Ken is like "Beh." and Roy goes "You'll all be introuble for harboring criminals!" and Leo will say "What , we supposed to run a friggin background check on every friggin guy we see?" but he will use fouler language that doesn't really have an English equivalent. Leo's a punk! It's true! In episode 18 he's like "This fuckin guy, what's his fuckin problem!"
Actually, he's a good kid, he just has a bit of a 'tude. And tends to say what I like to translate as "fuckin guy."
I'm not insanedrop trou!