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Scooby Doo and Adult Swim Action - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
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Scooby Doo and Adult Swim Action [Oct. 13th, 2003|01:27 am]
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Scooby Doo is so awesome. And everyone knows that, based on it's fourth decade of popularity. It's because the characters are great and they solve a mystery. People like mysteries. We also like cowards and dogs. There's just nothing not to like about Scooby Doo, in all its incarnations. I have a Scooby keychain.

OK, tonight's new Brak Show and ATHF just weren't all that. I'm a little disappointed.

Adult Swim Action:
Big O - the opening credits are 30 frames per second (video) and it looks really low-budget until the actual show starts. I wonder why they do that.
Starting Oct. 20, FLCL is back on the air! W00t! Make sure to tape it if you don't want to buy the DVDs. And no more Inuyasha! Hooray!
Starting Oct. 22, Trigun re-runs again. I'm a little tired of that series. When I saw the first episode, I was really impressed, but it's one of those series that you only need to see in its entirety once to appreciate it. I'm over it now. Begone!
Starting Oct. 27, and going on for who knows how long because that's the last day available on the schedule, Kikaider replaces Cowboy Bebop in the weeknight lineup. Sob! Hopefully they'll keep it on the Sunday night lineup. The Sunday night show isn't the final show in the series, so I suspect they're not just quitting it there. That wouldn't be fair.
And, for those of you who work 2nd shift, Adult Swim reruns at 2am Eastern every night. So you can catch what you be missing, foo!

Now, a note as to why I'm not keen on Inuyasha. It's Kagome. She's a really lame magical girl character. She has no personality, and she insists on wearing her schoolgirl uniform when she goes to the fuedal world. She went back to her own world, and she was wearing t-shirts and shorts, but then when she went back, she put on the stupid schoolgirl outfit again! It's hard to take characters like that, especially when they're supposed to be the main character that you sympathize with.
And now, a note as to why Trigun isn't that great. It goes from being a fun action show to getting really heavy. Not just an episode that's heavy, but the whole tone of the show changes. Like it tries to make a point or something. I ended up just not caring enough about Vash's past, so all those deep soulful scenes having to do with Rem really annoyed me. And the whole backstory. I think it would have been better to reveal the backstory via dialogue in the final battle with Knives. Spread that out into a 2-parter, and leave off the flashbacks. The Millie and Wolfwood sidestory was good. It's just not very interesting to watch more than once. It's like, the questions were answered, and now I'm no longer intrigued. I kinda wish I hadn't bought a video of the first few eps now. Like I'm gonna watch it again.
One show I wish I'd seen more of is Rurouni Kenshin. It was only on Saturday nights, so I missed a lot of it, but it seemed really good. Except that last epilogue episode. That was kinda boring.
Big O season 2 has proven to be quite good. I certainly won't mind watching giant robots fight again and again. I sure do miss Gundam Wing. I don't know anything about this new show, Kikaider, but I hope it has giant robots.
I'm not insanedrop trou!