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I swear I have more gray hairs after watching 32 subbed than I did… - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
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[May. 18th, 2004|09:58 am]
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[I'm all | Ishval is doomed ;_;]

I swear I have more gray hairs after watching 32 subbed than I did prior. I will go buy batteries for my camera tonight (because I also need batteries for my toothbrush) and take a picture. And we will compare it to the last gray-hairs picture, and you will see a difference.

Why am I updating my LJ when I should be finishing the smut? We all know Kimberly is going to betray Greed at some point, because he's in league with Archer. (evidence: south HQ is still standing.) I don't want him to, because I like them together.

Could the army possibly treat Ishval any worse?! They didn't even do anything! What kind of moron thinks that fire will calm people? You'd think if one must understand a substance in order to transmute it, he'd understand that fire causes mass hysteria! Scar is Ishval's only hope now. And he's all freaked out because of Uncle Stinky.
He survived battling Lust and Gluttony before. He could take Roy. He's stopped a firing line of soldiers before. But can he fight all of them at once? Without injuring any of the Ishval innocent bystanders? Sometimes I wonder how much he can destroy with that arm. Remember in 15 whenever he blew a hole all the way through the city street into the sewers? I wonder how big a hole he could make. I wonder if he could destroy the world. Maybe that's why Lust and Gluttony are so intent on wiping out Ishval completely.

Remember my theory about Ishval holding the key to ultimate alchemical power? I think maybe they have the ability to be a human philstone. This would, of course, imply that the philstone isn't a benevolent tool to create something from nothing, but that it's power is destructive. I suppose creating nothing from something also disobeys the law of equivalent trade.
Uncle Stinky said there were lots of lives in the Arm-O-Doom. Mortal human lives. Like what make up a philstone. Earlier in the series, Scar says to Armstrong that he only does what the arm tells him to do, even if it goes against his religion. So, just what sorts of people are in there telling him to do stuff?! From what we've seen, people who are trying to gain the philstone are not the most benevolent people in the world. Except Al. Ed is searching for benevolent reasons, but he's really not a very nice person.
I'm sure that prior to Cheryl's death, Bruce was a very nice person. But he didn't go out nice. "To bring her back, Ishval must be destroyed"? Those are the words of a selfish person. And probably a completely insane person, but that's beside the point. In fact, it correlates the point I'm getting at.
If the arm is full of folk, it ain't full of nice folk. Scar was blinded by the fact that it was his brother's arm, and didn't realize that it was full of selfish bastards.
To be honest, it's kinda good that he went and killed some state alchemists. Especially Basque Gran, who was like the creepiest of the lot and a total jerk. I actually find it unfortunate that he did not get the chance to kill Roy, seeing as Roy enflamed an Ishval child at point-blank range and then killed Winry's parents. And he did all that even though he knew it was wrong. Evil!

OK, Sloth and Envy are like "We'll go tell that person". But we don't know what person. But someone they are talking about created Greed. Which means someone they are talking about is over 130 years old. Which means someone they are talking about has a philstone.
Greed pops in on granny Dante. He says he was going to see someone familiar, but he gets the bonus of the Elrics. The only way he could see someone familiar is if someone is over 130 years old. Someone familiar must have a philstone, or I suppose could have visited him in his imprisonment, but... that's kinda unlikely considering the nature of his imprisonment.
There were only two people in the house he was spying on. Dante, and Lyla. Either the person he expects to see is not there, or Dante or Lyla have a philstone. Considering Lyla was in the other town and seems to be a bit of a wanderer, it is unlikely Greed would be able to find her if he knew her from 130 years ago. He knew exactly where he was going.
Implying of course that Dante is over 130 years old and has a philstone. Or that an ancestor of hers knew Greed. Somehow, she is involved. And all her talk of helping people sounds like a front, don't it! She might be evil. Or she might used to have been evil. Or, someone she knows was evil. Or, no one is over 130 exept Greed, Envy, and Pride, and I'm way off base here.
I still think Dante has a philstone and she's really really old. Just because it's a cool theory.
(OK, if we ignore everything, someone might suggest that Lyla could be Pride. But she can do alchemy, remember? Thus, not a homunculus. The only homunculus who can do alchemy is Wrath, because he has Ed's arm and leg. The jury is still out on whether or not Archer is Pride. I'm 100% convinced he is Rimmer.)

I do not know how the army can be shooting at people with such beautiful eyes.

I'm not insanedrop trou!