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Hellova dream I had - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
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Hellova dream I had [May. 26th, 2004|03:07 am]
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I just woke up, and I had this wicked dream, so I'm going to share it.

It was a city like my city, but darker. It's a city in my dreams a lot, actually. Anyway, I was a wanted criminal. I don't know what I did, though, except a parking violation, which actually comes up later in the dream.
The problem is that I have to get all the way into the heart of the city to get Scar's jeep (from episode 24) and get out of the city with it. I'm doing fine in a different car, until it breaks down. So I sneak into this parking garage hoping to either "borrow" a car or get a ride somehow. I get into one car, and I'm about to get out of the parking garage, but then there is no money in the car and I have no money so I end up not being able to get out because it's one of those pay-as-you-leave kind of places. I narrowly escape the attendant noticing me, and I run into this girl I work with IRL but in my dream she thinks I am the messiah. (messiah, makaioh, what's the difference ;)
Anyway, she agrees to give me a lift, so I get in her car. She's got all kinds of weird shit in there, and she confesses something to me, but I forgot what it was. I tell her that the fine for that particular sin is $200. She hands me her checkbook and tells me to write out a check for the money, but her stupid checkbook is out of checks and only has goofy shit in it. She's all "Yeah, I don't have any money." and I'm like dammit woman, why did you offer me a check?
Then it turns out she has been LIVING in the parking garage, because she can't afford to pay the parking fees. I tell her that in order for her to be forgiven, I need a vehicle. So she gives me her motorcycle, which HAS money in it, and which she could have used to exit the parking garage at any time. But that's beside the point.
I now have a motorcylce. A shitty one, and I'm trying to pay like a good person to get out of the parking garage, but I'm also trying to not let the attendant notice that I've been arrested for not paying the fee in that same garage before. She almost recognizes me, but then I speed off and figure "Eh, if they got the money, they got the money. If not, I'm gone."
So, like I said, the motorcycle sucked. It was too slow and it had no pickup and it had the most annoying skinny windshield thing that was only this side of useful. So, finally I'm back on my way to the historic downtown area to get Scar's jeep. I do not know why he could not go get his own jeep, this whole affair has become a big pain in my ass. But I'm going, and dammit wouldn't you know it, that woman didn't have her registration current! So now the COPS are on my trail! I can't stop, though, because if I pull over, they'll figure out it's me and arrest me for whatever it was that I was wanted for. So I'm trying to lose 'em, without letting 'em know I'm trying to lose them. I like, ducked into an alley, and went between houses, and finally I think I lost 'em, and I'm about to reach my goal, when the damn thing runs out of fuel! And I'm still like 5 miles away.
I threw the motorcycle that sucked against a brick wall and started walking. Then I woke up.

Well, that was fun, wasn't it. I liked the part where the girl at work that I don't like IRL thought I was the messiah and gave me stuff. Hahaha! I also like the part where I threw a motorcycle, because I had mad strength.

I have to go back to bed now.
I'm not insanedrop trou!