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Oh like you didn't know it was coming. - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
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Oh like you didn't know it was coming. [May. 28th, 2004|10:11 am]
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FMA 15-18 were on repeat play all night while I slept. Of COURSE I have FMA-related stuff to talk about this morning!

This entry is going to be chock full o' Scar-love. You have been warned.

First, the basics. Scar is like Adonis. He's got a perfectly sculpted face, and he's totally ripped, and he's got perfect hair, and those absolutely to-die-for gorgeous eyes.
(yes, this is the flavor of the entire post. If you just rolled your eyes, you might want to escape now while there's still time.)
Seriously! Look at these eyes:
kami no daikohsha
Tell me that's not outrageously gorgeous! Sexy! Hott! Soooooo cute!
I'm resisting the urge to post my whole website here just to make my point. The point is, he's adorable. I can stare at those eyes for like, hours. (And sometimes I do.)
But look how soft and cute his hair is. Look! OK I'm not posting a pic for that, but ... hey, look at my usericon. You can see how cute he is. Doing stuff. And his hair is like, mega awesome perfect, and he doesn't even have to use like 20 hair products like Havoc does to get it looking awesome. It's just naturally TEH SEX. I wish my hair would do that, it's just so cute. It's all fluffy and two-toned and I want to touch it :P
valamelmeo says he never smiles, and on screen, she's right. Not like he's had a hellova lot to smile about! He was probably going to smile at the doggy when he discovered it was a grotesque hybrid of man and beast. He didn't WANT to kill the doggy! He only was granting it a merciful release from the terrible fate in store for her at the hands of the evil Basque Gran!! That's when he figured out he might ought to slay the state alchemists, cuz they are teh evil and making chimeras out of doggies and little girls ;_;
Anyway, the point was, he has not had a hellova lot to smile about. But he had to at some point, and he might have smile reasons again later, and off camera, like when he's playing football with kids. OK I know that was Mason shut up, Scar would play football with kids, too, you know! He loves kids. He likes kids more than I do, and I HAVE one. (OK I like that one, but other kids unnerve me.)
Speaking of kids, a really adorable scene that I need to screencap is whenever he first finds out about the Ishval camp and he's all bandaged up, and then Rick comes in there, and the angle is on Rick but Rick is sorta in the background while the foreground is almost 100% Scar's hair. It's sooooo cute I kept rewinding it last night. Plus Rick is adorable, with his tooth missing :) Indicating that he's like 6 or 7, cuz that's when Holly lost her tooth of that one. I forgot if it was a canine or an incisor. Anyway that's beside the point. It's an adorable scene. Scar loves children. And doggies. And probably kittens as well. I drew a little sketch of Al giving him a kitten. It's very small and on the back of a warranty card for something I got at work, so I won't be scanning it, but I might make another version of the same pic. There are exactly two words in word-bubbles:
Al: Kitty?
Scar: Kitty!
And I must admit, I draw a pretty cute kitten :D
Now I'm all distracted and wish to draw a better version of this picture. Cuz DAMN it's cute! CUUUUUUUUTE!
See, everyone accepts that Scar is teh hottness. But he is also teh cuteness! Look at my usericon again. Isn't that cute? That's actually a scene where he's fighting Gluttony in Lab 5, but Gluttony was too non-cute for the icon so I edited him out. There's another part of that scene I should make into an icon, because of how incredibly cute it is.
Anyway, my main point that I completely digressed from is that Scar is adorable when he smiles. Perhaps too adorable for television. And maybe this is why they never show him smiling. It would break your television. Restored 14 yr old Al would also break your television, because Al is the other most cutest thing ever in the history of the universe, which is why I figure he'll end up ... not making it through the series. (There, I didn't use the d-word!)
Now, if Scar smiling would break your television, and restored 14 yr old Al would break your television, imagine what would happen if Scar smiled at restored 14 yr old Al. That's right, ARMAGEDDON. We will have to be content with these things in our imagination (but they are JUST FRIENDS!! you naughty prevoit you!)
I suppose at this point I can write whatever the hell I want, seeing as everyone's probably hit the back button already and gone to read other people's journals. So I guess now is the time to talk about how amazingly awesome and HUGE Scar's shoulders are. FRIGGIN HUGE! He totally works out (and we seen it in ep 25) and it shows. I love massive shoulders like that. Teh hottness. And huge arms. Massive beefy arms. And ... ok , I admit. Teh navel pwnz m3h. I plan to make an icon of that navel. If only for myself, and to scare others. SO HOTT. Whoops I made myself drool... brb...
I had to smoke.
I lost my train of thought. Except for the part that goes SOOOOO HOTT! SOOOOOO CUTE!
I sit there watching the dvd and going "so cute!" like every scene. Like that one scene where he's gonna fight Roy, and then Riza cheats by shooting at him, and then he makes a pseudo-staircase and jumps up a building! SO CUTE. She's all "Hayai desu ne."
Know what's really cute? How Armstrong isn't going to kill him because he feels bad about what happened to Ishval. He's just going to *stop* Scar from killing Ed. Which Scar doesn't give a shit about now, because Ed is the least of his worries. Plus Ed proved he is on the side of Ishval when he helped get rid of those bandits that one time.
And then that other time, when it was just Ishval vs. Bandits, and no Elrics to assist, and Scar just gets up from shishoh talking to him, and he must have put his shoes on cuz he has them in the outside scene, and he walks outside and rips a guy's arm off! But it's only to save the children. So cute!
Another cute time is whenever he tries to splode Gluttony's head, but then Gluttony keeps coming at him, and he's like "Egads!"
You know what I need to pay more attention to, is whether or not he swears. I don't recall him swearing, but I haven't listened real close and nothing has jumped out at me. Not like Leo who cusses like a sailor, or Ed who talks like a punk-ass. Or me. Heh.
He's just so cute. I hope he is not doomed. He's like, Ishval's last hope!! I love the whole Ishval no tami. Except Uncle Stinky, but he was sorta excommunicated or something. I think that one guy who threw the vase the first time they were showing alchemy to Ishval, and they brought the armed guards with them (ok whose boneheaded idea was that?), I think that is Scar and Bruce's father. I don't have a good reason. But the armed guards were quick to stop him, weren't they.
So they're a little hyper about alchemy. You can't hardly blame 'em! It's freaky weird! Plus they sorta do have a point. I mean, what has alchemy gotten them so far? A big bag o GRIEF. Now, I can see how it would be useful to like, transmute stuff into food, for when times are rough.

I'm not insanedrop trou!

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Date:May 28th, 2004 - 12:40 pm
Actually, I think that Havok would just need a bit of mouse (wax perhaps) for the front, and gel for the back.

I've wanted the same hair cut that Havok has since 6th grade... 6TH GRADE! :|

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Date:May 28th, 2004 - 01:11 pm
I figure if I ever accidentally sleep on my face, I'll end up with Havoc bangs. But I'll probably also suffocate, which means I would be buried with Havoc's hairstyle ><

valamelmeo and I have spent hours wondering how Havoc gets his hair like that, actually. We decided he probably uses scads of hair products, because look in ep 15, even in the rain, it's still perfect! I'm sure his hair looks fine without the products, but I think he uses them anyway :)