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Weird anime-related dream - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
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Weird anime-related dream [Jun. 6th, 2004|09:00 am]
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OK, In the dream, I was going to a convention with Kym (who I went with in real life) and Jean Havoc, and someone else that I forgot but I'm going to pretend it was Scar because that makes me happy. So, we're going to the anime convention, and the special guest jpop band is Psyche le Cemu (this is because they were the special gues jpop band at A-kon but I didn't go). OK, and there was this 10 story parking garage (that exists in real life in between the Adam's Mark and San Jacinto Tower, where I used to work) and it had this ginormous neon sign on it "PSYCHE LE CEMU HANGOUT" and the band were having a big party there. So we were on our way to the party, but then something happened to my radio and I stopped to get a part for it, and a guy gave me the part for free, but then as we were leaving his girlfriend went into the auto-fixy-place-thingy and she was gonna pee, but some guy who worked there was comin at her with a steel pipe! OK it could have been PVC I was not paying much attention. So, like, I yell at my friends that we have to help, and so we go to stop this guy, and there's another guy that also wants to beat her up, and so there's gonna be a fight! But then the girl starts bitching us out for being pansies, and I'm like "Fuck you, we're trying to help!" and so I'm like walking out, not going to help, and she starts bitching at me for walking out! Man, what a bitch! No wonder some auto mechanics were gonna beat her up.
The End.
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