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Wait... what was that... - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
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Wait... what was that... [Jun. 8th, 2004|12:39 pm]
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Heh. Nearly forgot the angst.
Also, i have not heard back on the FMA RP yet. I guess they hated me. Still, I could at least get a response saying they hated it and I can't play. Then I could start my own. Or something.

No, really, what IS that wasteland that Scar is in on the preview for 35? What the hell is that? Where he at? What's in his hand? Where's Rick and Leo? Where's he at? Why is it all ... blowy and wastelandy? Is anyone still reading any of my posts?! You are very patient people.
Back to the incessant unanswerable questions.
Quick timeline. (OK when I say quick I mean that is the speed my fingers move over the keyboard. Not necessarily that it will be quick.)
ep 32 - Flaming Alchemist is about to unleash DOOM upon the completely innocent people of Ishval thanks to the machinations of Lust and Gluttony. Al and Ed go to Dante's house. Ed is bitchslapped by Greed and Al is confronted by the chimeras.
ep 33 - We do not get to see what Roy did, or the result, or what happened after Lust and Gluttony slinked away like the evil minions they are. Al is kidnapped and Ed and Izumi go nuts. Kimberly scares the shit outta Greed and they run off with Al.
ep 34 - Lust and Gluttony are spying on the Devil's Nest. Here's where we have the problem.
Up until this point, we have not seen anything of Ishval or of Lust and Gluttony, indicating that perhaps we were going to get a concurrent-timeline episode in 34. You know, like, 33 shows us what's going on with Ed and Al, and 34 shows us what's going on with Ishval and Roy. But we did not get that.
They jumped ahead.
The fate of Ishval has already been decided. It has been at least 24 hours since Roy made to snap his flaming fingers at a bunch of refugees in a garbage dump.
Now the preview for 35 has Scar - by himself - in a blowy wasteland thing. At the end of 32 he was not by himself. He was with Uncle Stinky and Rick and Leo. And Roy was about to make with the fireworks. But they didn't know tht, because they were doing stuff. So, what, Lust and Gluttony spilled gasoline all over the place and when Roy went to snap he ignited the entire garbage dump and annihilated the entire nation of Isvhal (again)?
And aren't you glad, when you hear stuff like that, that I'm not a writer for the show ;)
Actually I'm such a sadistic god as a writer that all you would see in ep 35 of Ishval would be the scenes from the preview. Scar in a wasteland finding something that is not quite recognizable because of the blowy stuff. Just to make people like me go AIGH! ANGST! Even if that people is me. I'm an equal-opportunity torturer.

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking "Aww, quit worrying. It's just a flashback to the war-thingy." Now, as stupid as I am, I did not upload my screencaps from the preview, so I can't say with 100% certainty, but I am pretty sure that in the preview for 35 he is wearing the same outfit he had on in 32. He's like, the only one who changes clothes regularly. Point is, his outfit is orange. The outfit he had on in the previous Ishval flashbacks was like a reddish-brown color. I could, of course, have misremembered the ep 35 preview seeing as I've only seen it like 3 or 4 times, and I was not paying particular attention to his clothing. My point is, that don't LOOK like a flashback to me. He's so very cute. Of course, with all that dust and shit blowing all over the place, it's not like I get a really good idea of any colors. After pausing for a moment to admire Scar's adorableness, take a look and tell me if you think it's a flashback.

I know I keep saying this, but THAT HAD BETTER NOT BE RICK'S LOCKET. Unless of course they're faking me out and it was yet another time Rick lost the locket and Scar went back to the wasteland to find it for him. Heh, that would be a good prank. On me.
So, here's the plot as I see it. Rick loses the locket (or he dies ;_; and in all honesty character deaths done beautifully are what have made the show my favorite of all time, so even tho I'm yelling I guess I enjoy it) and Scar goes to find it for him, because everyone else already took off (all 4 or 5 people who survived). While he's finding it, Ed and Al show up. Ed's all "WTF!!" and Scar's like "Yer boyfriend torched everybody and left!" and we'll get a brief flashback to what happened when Roy torched everybody. I wonder if Roy enjoys the smell of burning human flesh. Scar feels guilty about it, but he sorta does get off on exploding a guy's face and splattering brains everywhere. You really can't blame him for that. It's hott.

You know, no one's ever gonna realize that Archer is a homunculus until someone takes a shower with him. I think it should be Armstrong. Oh wait, I suppose the same thing applies to Sloth. I figure her oroboros is on her butt. I dunno where Archer's is. I would have put one on my face if I was a homunculus called Pride (ok surely this is not just a theory anymore, right?). But it's not on his face (or he wears a lot of makeup). So it must be somewhere else. Probably his back, since Lust already has one on her chest. Or his abs, but only if he works out (which it dont' look like he does). Or... o_O
I guess we'll find out when I finish envy's pool party. Oh no we won't! He's the only one who showed up in full uniform. What a tightass. And he bailed from the poker game before it went strip. Killjoy!
I'm not insanedrop trou!