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Shiawase, shiawase, itsumademo shiawase... - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
We are all fuzzy robots.

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Shiawase, shiawase, itsumademo shiawase... [Jun. 10th, 2004|09:40 am]
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Mechazawa recommends
|bobobo ED in my head]

Hrm. The Verona tastes like Sumatra. They put the wrong brew in the carafe! Val I thought you hated Starbuck's anyway. Yeah I do, but it's addictive. And the alternative is some weak-ass institution-brand. What's worse, as I was going to the cafeteria, someone's cellphone rang, and the ringer was the Oklahoma State fight song. So now I have THAT in my head. I'm having a bad-coffee day -_-;

  • My #1 result for the SelectSmart.com selector, Transformers Personality Test!!!, is Galvatron

  • My #2 result for the SelectSmart.com selector, Transformers Personality Test!!!, is Starscream

  • My #3 result for the SelectSmart.com selector, Transformers Personality Test!!!, is Megatron

  • Surprising? Hardly! We all know I'm an insane power-hungry evil robot. I wanna be Superlink Starscream. He's so mega awesome. He's like, one of the only ones who didn't get speared last week. And he does this disappearo-thing that is just way cool. Know who's really funny? Snowcat. He's always yodeling! I need to go ask in the comm for a summary of the series, seeing as I've seen eps 1-3, and then ep 11, and then 20-22. I'm kinda clueless. I'm confused by Laserwave, because is that Shockwave? Because I thought another Shockwave-lookin guy was Shockwave. Well, whoever he is, he's like the Greed of Cybertron! He was all sealed up and then escaped :D It was mega. We noticed that whenever they say Alpha Q, it sounds like they're saying I'll Fuck You. Hehehe. They're gonna make out! I don't know why Rodimus and Optimus were fighting in 21. The flashback to whenever Rodimus made a Rodimus-Autobot flag and took over something was kinda cool, but I am SO clueless as to plot. I require DVDs. But judging by how long it took for Armada DVDs to be released - and it seems like those aren't even in order - I might just buy the Japanese. Plus they never release TF DVDs with dual-language anyway.
    Speaking of Japanese, did you know that Iron Chef Kitchen Reporter Shinichiro Ohta is the narrator on Bobobobo-Bo-bobo or whatever it's called? One of the few Japanese names I recognize on sight. Did you know that the guy who plays Scar/Rodimus has two of the same characters in his name as Ohta does? Yeah, it's the OH and the ROH characters (but in a Taroh kind of order). The rest of the characters are too complex for me to memorize and recognize on sight. But not that many people have 5-kanji names, and of those not many have those two characters at the end, plus his voice is distinctive, so I can sorta clue in.
    Man I'm weird.
    Who's playing Don Pachi? That voice is mega familiar, like maybe from DBZ or something. OK I just looked it up. Played Vash on Trigun. OK I'll stop with this stuff now.

    Wanna see some cute kittens?

    And no, I have not been able to make the Starscream icon I want. I have the base, and I know what I wanna do with it, but I don't have the tools here at work, and I keep forgetting when I go home that I want to do that thing. I'm going to put a kitten on him! It'll be cute! Shh!

    I guess I don't have a hellova lot to say today. At least nothing interesting. OK then, have a good one!
    I'm not insanedrop trou!