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Another FMA dream! - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
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Another FMA dream! [Jun. 13th, 2004|06:40 am]
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OK, instead of there being a Greed-skull, there was an Archer skull. And Archer had it. And he kept it in that syndicate building in which Spike and Vicious had their final fight. And me and my friends had to get it, so he wouldn't take over the world or something. At first we thought it was just like, 5 of us, and I'm pretty sure the five was me, Scar, Greed, Kimberly, and Ed. Hooray I dream in self-insertion XD
Anyway, we're all in this hideout thing underground, sorta like catacombs under the city or something. And we've designed this mega plan for getting Archer's skull. It involved going through vents like in the Garfield movie, and calling Ed chibi a lot. Boy that was fun. But not the point. The point is, I forgot exactly how the plan worked. But I remember that it involved Ed going through the vents.
So, dream-warp, suddenly the plan has been executed but we are being completely thwarted! There are like, DOZENS of guys on Archer's side and we're all thinking we're trapped in the top room. I dunno how we got there. Not the point! Anyway, we figure at least we can make a run for it, we do have the skull, and at least ONE of us might survive, and so I open the door to the stairwell and HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE ARE THERE! They were all on OUR SIDE! Most of them were people I know in real life. So, I get the skull, and I run like hell, and all the people I know are helping me :D
I get outside, and my friend Brian is waiting for me with a big car and says he'll take the skull and go do whatever it was we were gonna do with it . Since I've known Brian since the 80s, I trusted him so I gave it to him. And he drove off. And then, ok the dream-me-tachi didn't see this part, it was like a movie, then after he gets out of range of all of us cheering hundreds of folks, he turns into Envy! After all that hard work, we lost anyway!! And we didn't even know! -_-

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