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Whine whine whine bitch bitch bitch! - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
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Whine whine whine bitch bitch bitch! [Jul. 1st, 2004|12:59 pm]
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|if I said OMGWTFBBQ would you believe me?]

OK, so like, they announced on the official site that the new OP/ED will be out for ep 42. But it also says July 24.
Lesse... *checks calendar*
*is confused*

OK, the point is, it says ep 42. Not 39, like we thought. Do you know what this means? This means we have to watch the OP that makes me sad every time I see it for another couple of weeks!

OK, at the end of ep 7, and at the end of ep 25, they changed the ED to show some choice pics of the deceased, so we'd cry. Did they do that for Greed? No they did not! Like we weren't gonna be sad? The writers even made it sad on purpose! And Dorchet and Law got eaten by Gluttony, and T_T
And now we have to watch them fight Ed in the OP every week. And they were all nice people. And Ed is a tard. What did the kimeras ever do to anybody! They are like, as innocent as Nina. I guess the world just isn't ready for a human/animal hybrid. And I guess Ed just couldn't deal with a homunculus as sexeh as Greed. Ed's gotten mean as hell lately.
It's because I keep watching 19-22 on dvd. And Greed is all cute. And listen how he says 130. It's adorable. And while I definitely think that Scar's voice is teh sex (making Rodimus Prime's voice also teh sex... odd...) I have to say that Greed has the best voice ever.
And speaking of 19-22, how MAD COOL is Scar tearing through the libery grabbing guys by the throat and asking 'em where hagane no is. Then he steals all the words from Dr Marcohs research and makes a pink thing out of 'em. No, it's not puce. It's pink. Or red. I forgot. I'm at work, I'm not at home watching DVDs.
Ed was still a good kid in 19-22. Al is always a good kid. Barry cracks me up, "You supposed to be like AIGH you got no head! or EEK hide the children! or WHAT THE HELL!" then Al removes his helmet-thing and Barry goes "WHAT THE HELL!!" Damn that's good stuff. Then later Scar's like "What! Tellme!" and Barry's all "Hrm... I ain't." and then he blows up the place, and then there's the Al and Scar bonding moment, and Barry shakes his ass at them, and the way he says byebye is insane! It's awesome. So then Al and Scar are sitting there and Al's like "Nigatcha.." or something and Scar just goes "Oi." It is SO CUTE. That's like, Scar's cutest oi. Cuz he says so much with just that one pseudo-word. He actually conveys the meaning "Excuse me, sir, but you are invading my personal space, and although I can appreciate your manly qualities, I would prefer if viewers did not get the wrong idea. Please remove yourself from my person."
Then Al's like "I would much prefer if you did not kill my brother, please." No threats, nothin, just "Please don't kill my brother. Ta." Well you know, sometimes asking politely is all you need to get what you want. It works for me on a regular basis.
So then, in the other building, they hear stuff and Kimberly's all "W000! Splodey!" He's all unshaved, but not as unshaved as some of the woolly characters who are also in the prison there. Wonder how he scored a razor. Wait... he's a seriously hott guy in prison. I know exactly how he scored a razor ;)
OH THAT REMINDS ME. (Although I'm sure I've said all this before...)
OK, listen. It is so not fair that Kimblee is in prison and Roy is getting promotions. Tucker's running around making Nina-chimeras and bad doggies, and Kimblee's in prison. How does that rate? Roy killed at least as many people as Kimblee did, and then Tucker killed his own child (well OK technically he just fucked her up beyond repair, but he may as well have killed her. DO NOT CONTRADICT ME. Scar was not being mean! Shut up!)

OK, look, at the end of ep 21, Scar's last scene. Lust mangles his sleeve. Now look at his first scene in ep 22. The jacket is magically restored! Oh, and there's my icon, the Scar-Gluttony fight at the beginning of 22 ^_^ With some kind of hip tunes as incidental music. You know what I'm really going to miss? Dante's theme. That was like, the coolest incidental music since Yoko Kanno. When is the 2nd OST coming out. I need that theme and some other theme that I forgot ... something post-34. Or maybe it was in 34. You know I have 34 - 36 on this laptop here. Hehe, if end up staying late tonight, I'm gonna watch 'em XD
What am I saying, I'm tired and I have artbooks waiting for me at home.

OK back to the original point.
*scans post*
Wow. What the hell was I going for with THIS one.

I'm not insanedrop trou!

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Date:July 1st, 2004 - 04:01 pm
It's "nigechatta". IIRC it means "he ran away", or something like that. I could be wrong. I suck.

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Date:July 1st, 2004 - 04:51 pm
It is so not fair that Kimblee is in prison and Roy is getting promotions. Tucker's running around making Nina-chimeras and bad doggies, and Kimblee's in prison. How does that rate? Roy killed at least as many people as Kimblee did

The difference is, Kimblee killed allies as well (yes, Roy killed the Rockbells, but he was ordered to), and the higher-ups responded to that with "Bad dog, no biscuit!". See, it's the head honchos like Bradley, Gran and Hakuro who decide who gets promoted and who doesn't (and who order the alchemists to do no-good stuff). It's they who suck!

Except manga!Bradley. He rocks so bad. Mmm, Bradley. You may be a 60-year-old fart, but I'll fangirl over you anyway. *__* He pwned Greed, y'know. Sliced him into itty bitty pieces over and over again.

Speaking of manga and Greed, manga!Greed wasn't nearly as sympathetic as his anime counterpart. Anime!Greed = tragic antihero. Manga!Greed = funny evil asshole.

But the chimeras have my sympathy, in both manga and anime. Poor Martel, poor Roa, poor Dorchet. ;_; *huggles them all*

*shuts up*

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Date:July 1st, 2004 - 05:35 pm
Greed was still megaawesomeness before he had the tragic-antihero thing goin on. Evil rocks my socks. Funny evil asshole = pwned. But see, my point is, since they made him a more sympathetic character, they should have given him some "reflect on his passing" stills in the ED for 34. But they didn't! And they still show the OP with him and the chimeras that died! It's mean! ><

And yeah, I know Kimblee blew up everybody, but it's still completely offensive that Roy gets promotions and Kimblee rots in prison. Roy is much more evil than Kimblee, because Roy *knows* better, and he does stuff like killing the Rockbells anyway. So Roy goes against his conscience on a regular basis, just to get promoted so he can change things so that he doesn't have to go against his conscience. But he's just adding to the problem in the process. Oh how I hate Roy!
And I do love Kimblee ;)

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Date:July 1st, 2004 - 04:51 pm
I miss Greed, Doruchietto, and Roa. :(

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Date:July 1st, 2004 - 05:08 pm