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It's not the size of the guitar, it's how you swing it - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
We are all fuzzy robots.

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It's not the size of the guitar, it's how you swing it [Nov. 11th, 2003|04:55 am]
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Guh. Damn drooling otaku.
So, that thing, that Canti transforms into. After he eats Naota. It looks like it is powered by brains. And previously, Naota's x-ray showed his brain was missing. Is Naota's brain inside Canti?
I love how Naota comes out of Canti like a turd.

So, the first time something comes out of Naota's head, it's when Mamimi is about to "overflow" (whatever she means by that). The second time, it is when Mamimi is about to put her lips on Canti. The third time something comes out, it comes out of Ninamori's head, when it is revealed that she rigged the votes so that she and Naota would be the stars of the class play. In the 4th episode, Haruko has to reach in and get a guitar from Naota's head. Nothing "pops out". In ep 5, the thing comes out when Mamimi rejects Naota's advances. (Apparently a 12 year old can make advances. Keep an eye on yer brother, Kym.) In the last episode, Atomsk comes out when Naota declares his love for Haruko.
See the pattern? Things come out when someone is feeling sexual tension. Described in further detail:
ep 1: Naota obviously likes Mamimi a lot. He wants her to know that his brother has an American girlfriend. Why would he want her to know that? So that she will stop pining for Tasuku and notice Naota. But Mamimi gets really upset, and her talk of overflowing earlier in the episode had to do with sexuality (she gave Naota a hickey, remember?) Naota is obviously feeling some kind of sexual tension related to Mamimi's outburst, and so *pop* a robot!
Ep 2: Naota doesn't want to say it, but he has a huge crush on Mamimi. He can't express himself, so when she moves to put her lips on Canti, he *pop*s a robot.
Ep 3: Even though she never says it, Ninamori has a crush on Naota. How do I know? Because I was in grade school once. If I had a crush on a boy, and I could rig the votes for the school play, hell yeah I'd cast he and me the leads! Plus it's only obvious in every other episode that Ninamori is jealous of Mamimi ("She looks stupid." "Pathetic, at her age", etc) She likes Naota, but she doesn't want the whole class to know. So when Naota reveals that she cheated on the votes, it is painfully obvious to everyone in the entire class that she has a crush on Naota. I remember being 12. The last thing I wanted was for everyone to know who I had a crush on. So, secret out, embarrassment level mega, *pop* a robot.
Ep 4: This episode doesn't have any poppings. But boy is there some sexual tension. First there's the batting coach thing, then the way they talk when Haruko is trying to pull the guitar out of Naota's head -- shameful! But not relevant to my point here, except that Haruko had to work really hard to pop the guitar because Naota wasn't feeling any sexual tension.
Ep 5: This is the most obvious of all. Naota is finally ready to respond to Mamimi's advances. He takes her to some romantic cafe, and then he tries to kiss her. She doesn't want a kiss from him, and who can blame her. He's 12. He gets all mad, and *pop* a robot.
Ep 6: So awesome! But let's get to the popping. In this episode, Naota finally decides to act his age. He cries and hugs Haruko in the beginning. That's the first time he hasn't acted all "whatever". So, when he receives the power of Atomsk, he could use it for anything, but instead he chooses to tell Haruko that he loves her. And he should, she's cool as hell. But once he tells her, all the tension is gone, and Atomsk can't stick around. Bye-bye! Also significant is that Haruko is all "Eh, you're still a kid." at the end. And Naota doesn't mind being called a kid.

So, now, do we know why all the women had nosebleeds when Haruko got the guitar out of Naota's head in episode 4? Yes. Obviously, the ability to channel things involves sexuality (nosebleeds in anime = lust). This also explains the fish-like thing that Amarao produced when Haruko furi-kuri'd him in episode 5. Poor Amarao.

I guess it *is* the size of the guitar. Not the guitar player.
I'm not insanedrop trou!

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Date:November 11th, 2003 - 02:59 pm
Scott's nearly 14...I'm sure the last thing he wants is me keeping an eye on him ^_~