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Call me, beep me, if you wanna reach me [Dec. 2nd, 2003|07:37 pm]
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I haven't updated in awhile, mainly because FLCL isn't on TV right now.

But I did watch the Kim Possible marathon this past weekend. If Disney can do stuff like that, and like Darkwing Duck, why do they make such crappy movies? Then again, Cartoon Network's movies haven't been all that. It's easy to make an animated movie that makes money -- it's hard to make one that has universal appeal. But then, only a handful of cartoons have had universal appeal.
Once again, IMDB fails us. But I've decided that there has to be a basis for comparison. In order for an opinion about a movie-based-on-tv-show, the opinionator must be a fan of the tv show. There's no point in people who don't like kids cartoons rating the movies that they spawn. This applies to me, too, so my assessment of Digimon, the movie should be disregarded in favor of the opinion of someone who enjoys the tv show. No movies based on a television show will appeal to those who don't like the show itself.
So, given that, I'm back to the theory that origin stories suck unless it's the first episode/installment. I am thinking of the Powerpuff Girls movie, which I was well excited about until I read a plot synopsis.
Anyway, all that was to point out that there are notable movies missing from the IMDB Bottom 10 animated movies list. Cool World should definitely be there, as well as The Brave Little Toaster and a host of Land Before Time movies. I wish there was a list of the bottom 10 movies that were not related to television series.

So, anyway, Kim Possible is a good show in the Darkwing Duck tradition. Well, except the hero really is a hero, and not a screwup. The villains are my favorite part. There's one villain named Senor Senior Senior, who is voiced by Ricardo Montalban. My favorite villains are Dr. Drakken and Shego. Drakken (John Di Maggio, aka Bender) is a screwup, but Shego is smart enough for both of them. In the tv-movie "Kim Possible: A Sitch In Time", she ends up taking over the world instead of Drakken. It's a good and funny villain partnership.

Right now, I'm watching some kind of hip-hop animated Christmas special. I might comment on it later. Characters named Slim Shorty and Pup Daddy.
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