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Fangirlin' - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
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Fangirlin' [Aug. 25th, 2004|09:21 am]
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Yes, I am aware I have FMA websites to update, but every time I try, I get all depressed and sad. That's why I haven't progressed at all. Anyway, on to your regularly scheduled anime post.

First, if you didn't see this yesterday, you must. OK only if you're a G/K fan.

The DVD with eps 27-30 shipped last night. I do not think there will be insets of Greed or Kimberly. This makes me sad, but surely they will show up in the 31-34 DVD. Anime Fanbook #4 should be out next week. It covers episodes 31-40. And then Val cries profusely.


This is Isumi. He is very pretty. He is slightly boring, and he did something bad once. He got depressed about it. He was very pretty when he was depressed. Then, he got better. He was still pretty. There's just no denying it, he's pretty.

Here is his boyfriend, Waya. Is he not cute? You know he is cute. He and Isumi are best friends. There is almost no rivalry between them whatsoever, escept a bit during the pro exams. They are very cute together, and they never really quarrel. I wish they would. I like it. Waya's online screen name is Zelda. I would guess that would be because the screen name Link was taken. You can try messaging him, but since he is fictional, he will probably not respond.

This is Kaga. I love him muchly. There are no villains in Hikago, but Kaga is a bad kid. If I went to school with him, we would smoke cigarettes behind the lunchroom during English class, and then miraculously pass with an A. Well, I would. I was slick like that. He plays go, but he prefers shogi, and I can't blame him as shogi is much more interesting than go. Go is slightly boring, but the show is entrancing. Especially when they put the heartstopping suspense music behind the games. I do not know what the implications of the boards they show are, but I know it is important because of audio-visual cues. I tried to play shogi, using a GBA shogi game (rom- shh! yar! ) but the instructions were in kanji and I became confused quickly. I don't even know how all the pieces move. But I do know that they flip! And then they might move differently. But in my case, they will not, because they will be captured by the computer opponent before that can happen. Even when I set it on "easy" mode. Shogi is cooler than go, and Kaga is pwn. I am only on episode 47, so I don't know if he shows up again. I will miss him.

This is Kaga's fiesty redheaded piece of manflesh (boyflesh?) . In my mind, anyway. And in quite a few doujins. His name is Mitani. He cheats, but only when playing for cash. This makes him slightly more naughty than Kaga. He really is a good guy, though, and he quits cheating. He gets rather angry with Shindoh for going Insei, but I couldn't get those episodes so I dont' know the whole story. He is very cute, with his curly red hair. And he acts like such a badass, but really he is quite uke. I'll show you later when I get more doujinshi.

In the absence of choice FMA to screencap (seeing as all my favorite characters are dead), expect to see more of these boys in the future.

When I say 'in the future', you respond by going all "wooOOOooOOoOOO!" like it's spooky clairvoyant stuff. I wonder if clairvoyants can see what you will be in the NEXT life as opposed to what you were in a past life. I'm probably using the word 'clairvoyant' wrong.

I'm not insanedrop trou!