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Hikaru no Go - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
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Hikaru no Go [Aug. 31st, 2004|03:59 pm]
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Ok so like I finally got to the end of the series! yey me! Or, ... sad , because there's no more.

Yes, it's true, I didn't get into this show until after I read the first Viz manga volume of it. Go is not inherently intriguing to me, and even though I think I wanna play it now because of the show, I'm pretty sure I'd be bored quickly. I don't even know how it works, really, aside from captureing a stone. But that's beside the point.
The begoodness is not the go-playing. I watched 75 episodes and I really don't know anything except the capturing. Which apparently isn't the important part. It's the characters that make it such a good show. The score really adds to the tension during the match scenes. Kept me on the edge of my seat, even though I had no clue what the shape of the stones implied. Hell, it could have been completely made up stuff that didn't make any sense whatsoever, but by God it was suspenseful! Holly even remarked that the episodes end right when we're about to find out something really interesting.
But the discussion was about the characters, right. Shindoh Hikaru is just about the cutest kid ever. When I first started watching the show, I said "I want one!" because he's cute like kittens. Akira's cute too, but not like kittens. He's so well mannered and polite, and Hikaru is so casual and laid-back. They are perfect for each other >D More on this later.
The other main character is Sai. Sai is hilarious because he's very proper and polite, but also very demanding, and then he goes all fangirl-y at times! I'm not saying he's girly, but... ok yes I am. The scene from the early episode when Hikaru tells Akari that girls can't play go, and Sai remembers back to the Heien era the women playing, I was like "He's prettier than the ladies are." Holly laughed her ass off (she's only on episode 15 or so). And then those two side-stories, where he's all SD at the beginning? I will screencap those for you valamelmeo, because you need it.
I was somewhat prepared for Sai to leave, because I knew that one spoiler for the series, but I thought it was going to be different. I cried! Yes I did! And then, Hikaru runs around all over Japan to these places that would be really mega cool to visit, and then whenever he realizes that Sai was in the go board all along, oh man, I cried. That was awesome. Or I cry too much at tv. Who knows. I guess I didn't really have bigass tears streaming down my face until eps 74-75, though. So I guess I just got teary-eyed, not really a cry. But I had bigass tears streaming down my face at the end, whenever Hikaru and Akira - hey now's the time to discuss those two and their relationship.
Here's Hikaru: "Touya..." and here's Akira: "Shindoh..." and there is WUB. But during most of the series, they aren't friends per se, they're just desperately in love with each other, although at first it could be argued that Akira is in love with Sai. Then they have a big fight, but they both know that they are in love! And then finally they are supposed to play against each other, now that Hikaru is really GOOD at playing, but Touya Meijin has a heart attack! And so, their love must wait. Meanwhile, Hikaru is being nice to the elder Touya because it's espected that you suck up to your boyfriend's parents so they like you. But who is it that really likes Hikaru? It's Ogata. Hikaru and Akira have another fight, which is cute. They are fighty, because they are mad rivals. Even though nobody believes that Hikaru is good enough to be Akira's rival, they are. But first there's the Ogata incident, which I'm sure you read in this journal the other day, and then Sai leaves, and then hikaru is like he's never going to play go again! But then he does, and then he finally gets to play Akira, and then they become friends! And they hang out, and then they have huge fights, and they are still in love as always! I did sorta want to see someone play the divine move, but then, I suppose in order to do that, the author would have had to know what the divine move was. But all the Hikaru/Akira begoodness made up for that.
Now in all honesty, that's not the hottest pairing. They are definitely cute beyond belief, but Kaga is teh hottness. And Mitani, with his curly red hair and bad attitude, he is becuteness. So, together, they are hottness. Even though there's really no canon indicator that they are even friends, unless I forgot something. Irrelevant! They look good together, and they go to the same school, therefore they are IN LOVE. Or at least they are going to make out. A lot.
The other actual canon couple is Isumi and Waya. I've mentioned them before, because Isumi is very pretty. I have screencaps I will post later, of Isumi taking his shirt off. W00t! They're so together it's not even really guesswork or extrapolation. Sure it's not esplicitly stated that they are in a homosexual relationship, it's a kids' show. But they are. Hear me now believe me later when you go buy doujinshi.

So, since the series ended like, at a perfect stop really, so that it didnt' get into suckitude and yet it resolved all of the important unresolved things, I figure Kuwabara holds onto the title for a little while, but can't knock Ogata's titles from him, and Ogata will get another one or two, and then Kurata will snag Honinboh, and THEN Hikaru and Akira will start taking mad titleage. I have no reason escept that I'd like to see Ogata get more and Kurata knock Kuwabara out.
Then, Akira will have Honinboh and a couple others, and Hikaru will have a couple, and then there will be another title match for Honinboh, since that's Shuusaku, and then it'll be Hikaru vs Akira and during the final match of that series they will finally get the divine move! yey!

Much too happy today. I go home now ^^

What could be cuter than Hikaru and Akira when they play Go and get all serious-like? Greed and Kimberly playing Go all serious-like. That's what.

I'm not insanedrop trou!