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hi-mi-tsu! [Sep. 8th, 2004|09:23 am]
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[I'm all | my shoes are scuffed]

This made me laugh loudly at work.

So, like, I ripped the AKFG cd. HAHA. Using secret Val techniques. Which I will share with anyone who asks.

Also, if you get bored, read this post about board games.

So, I decided I would start watching Prince of Tennis, because Junichi Suwabe and Yuji Ueda are in it. I actually like it, even tho I find tennis a bit boring. I find Go a bit boring, too, but I adore that show.

The main character is Echizen Ryouma. He has greenish-black hair, like Touya Akira from HNG. In fact, he's a lot like Touya, but Touya is more friendly a person in general, whereas Echizen is all ... not.
Echizen likes to say "mada mada dane" all the time. Also, he hates American breakfasts. I don't even know what a Japanese breakfast is, which is lame-ass because I used to live there. His dad is Echizen Nanjiroh, and a former pro tennis player. He's very funny. He does monk things and wears a monk outfit, and rings a giant bell by pulling the rope that holds the bell-thwapping thing with his feet while he reads pr0n. It's not actually pr0n, more like swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated, but the point is that he's a pervert. He's also a total slacker, and yet he is this mad tennis god. So, Ryouma wants to beat him in tennis, and Nanjiroh acts like "Haha nyah nyah nyah XP " towards Ryouma, which I personally find amusing.
The Echizen family has a cat, and Ryouma loves kitty. And so do all his friends on the Seigaku tennis team.
Oh, I guess I forgot that part. Ryouma, main character, goes to Seigaku jr. high, and he is on the tennis team. He is the only freshman on the regular squad. The people in the show say "Regulars" a lot. In Engrish.
See, Echizen himself is not all that interesting. It's his teammates that are interesting. So, let me tell you who they are.
Momoshiro is probably the most interesting. He is like Sorata in X/1999. If this was the sort of show where people died? He would die. He's very mellow, and he tells underclassmen they don't have to say -senpai to him, and he helps them out when upperclassmen are picking on them. He's very cute. You'd like him, he's the Character That Everybody Likes. (And therefore, if this was a show with death in it, he would die. Just like Hughes.)
Speaking of Hughes, Inui is another teammate of Echizen's, but he's not a regular. He's the one Echizen beat out for the last spot on the team. He looks like Hughes. A lot. Like, a young slightly less happy-happy Hughes. He's not unhappy, he's just like, he's like this >D He makes this foul-tasting juice and makes the players who screw up in practice drink it, and they all go >< and run for the water fountain.
Except Fuji. I forgot Fuji's first name, because I keep wanting to say Shuusaku, but that's from HNG. Shuusuke maybe? Anyway, Fuji doesn't mind Inui's death-juice. Fuji's very very cute. He is always smiling, and he is soft-spoken, and very nice. He is known as the tennis prodigy, and this makes his little brother very jealous. His brother, who's first name is Yuuta, went to a different school just so he wouldnt' have to be known as Fuji's brother. He's kindof a jerk at first, but he mellows out. Unlike Fuji, who is always mellow. He's also very pretty. You'd like him.
Along with Momoshiro, Kaidoh is a 2nd year student. Kaidoh is a tough guy, and he has a technique called the Snake, and everybody calls him the Viper, which I believe is mamushi. That sorta pisses him off, though, and everybody is scared of him. He and Momoshiro are rivals, and they are always trying to beat each other at anything. They got paired up in doubles once, tho, and they won. That, of course, means they are going to make out. I'm not sure how I feel about that. Kaidoh played with the kitty, though, and it was cute. Some adults called him "a cute boy" and "a nice young man", and he got all embarrassed. I don't know if you would like him or not, he's slightly scary.
And speaking of scary, there's also Kawamura. He seems so nice! He's embarrassed and I suppose a bit shy, until he gets a tennis racket in his hand. Then his personality changes completely and he's loud and confident and very aggressive. Even if he's not playing tennis. Just put a racket in his hand. His parents own the sushi shop. So, even if you don't think he's cool, YOU WOULD LIKE HIM. If only for the sushi.
The captain of the team is Tezuka. He ... never plays. Escept once he played Echizen, and he beat him. That was the only time so far I've seen Echizen lose to anyone other than Nanjiroh. He is also lefthanded. Oh I forgot to mention, Echizen is lefthanded, but he can use either hand, so sometimes he fakes people out by starting with his right hand. So, Tezuka is the other lefthanded player. He has some kind of thing wrong with his joints in his elbow, but he doesn't really care. I don't think his goal is to become a tennis pro, I think his goal is to become a tennis educator. He seems very intent on making the other players better, rather than any personal goal. But of course, I've only seen 35 episodes. He is a nice guy, but he makes the team run laps all the time.
His 2nd in command of the tennis team is Oishi. Oishi seems so bland compared to the other players. In fact, the only thing I can think about Oishi is that he plays doubles with Kikumaru. He's very good at doubles. But .. umm... I can't think of anything else to say about him. He's very well behaved. He doesn't look like anyone from other shows, well OK imagine if the Doreamon kid grew up. Sorta. The hell am I talking about?
Let me talk about Kikumaru. Kikumaru is cute like puppies. Actually, he's cute like Mitani from HNG, and he has similar hair! Curly red hair. It's so cute! And his personality is cute as hell, too. He is obsessed with toothpaste. OK, not obsessed, but he is very particular about toothpaste and gets angry at his sister when she uses his all up. Then he goes and buys new toothpaste, and he is all escited about it. It's very cute. You'd like him.
And that ends the discussion of the Seigaku boys.

There are other teams, though! Through 35 episodes, my favorite character is Shinji. I forgot his last name, because people call him Shinji. Ibu or Ibo or something. He is on Fudomine's team. He plays doubles with Kamio. They're very good at doubles, and they are going to make out. And it will be hott, trust me. Shinji is adorable because he just says stuff. Like, everything. It's like he doesn't have inner monologue, he just has... words. I wouldn't call him softspoken, but he doesn't yell or anything. Sorta monotone. It was like this "Sorry about your eye, even though it was totally your fault, you shouldn't swing like that, even though you won the game, and I lost, and that means our school came in 2nd, and it's all my fault..." He's very cute. Oooh I stoeled a picha:

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking "Val! Stealing! Really! And so obvious!" But the truth is, I have that screencap at home and forgot to upload it earlier! I swear! You'll see, when I upload it and replace this stoeln screencap with my pwn, you'll be all "omg she LIEK LIED".
No, wait. You'll be all "omg she LIEK DINT LIE".
So, umm... anyway, there's Shinji. One time, he and Echizen went to buy the same item at the store, but there was only one left, and Echizen's freshman friends were all scared they were going to fight, because of what happened at the tennis match. But they didn't fight. They both grabbed for the item, and Shinji's like "Remove your hand, it's mine" and Echizen's like "I won't. It's mine." and then they have this really amusing non-fight. It was a good scene.

I know what you're going to say. "What about that Keigo Atobe guy?" Well, yes, his voice is very sexy and yum, but I've only seen him like twice! I'm only on episode 35! Gimme a break! He hasn't done anything to distinguish himself as a character yet. I mean, he did some stuff, but it was like, one-liner stuff. Basically, at this point, I know who the character is and have an idea why he's important.

I like Shinji better. And someone tell me his last name. I know you know.

Tennis is not as sexy as Go. But the boys are very very pretty. I would like to see them play Go.

I'm not insanedrop trou!

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Date:September 8th, 2004 - 04:37 pm
PoT is awesome :D. At first the subject matter (junior high boys playing tennis) seems rather blah, but once you begin watching it you can't stop.

I never thought to compare Inui to Hughes before o_o;. They're not really alike personality wise, because Inui is very subtle and composed. Hughes could have looked like that as a teenager though.

MomoKai is one of the Seigaku pairings that match me twitch, but I'm biased since InuKai is my Teni Puri OTP. Just wait till the later epsiodes, especially episode 71, you'll see what I mean XD.

Atobe doesn't have a major role in any episode till the Hyotei Vs. Seigaku matches, which starts around episode 56 I think. He's the buchou (captain) of the HUGE Hyotei tennis club and they're all his groupies XD. He's very cocky and sexy like Greed, but not as friendly as him. He's awesome anyways XP.

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Date:September 9th, 2004 - 08:37 am
Yeah I don't think Momo+Kaidoh is an OTP, I just think all doubles players make out after the match. I can't even determine if it's hott or not.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)
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Date:September 9th, 2004 - 08:47 am
The Rewrite CD will not play on your PC, because the copy protection limits it to residents of Japan. But they won't tell you this prior to purchasing the CD. Since this really pisses me off, I am more than willing to send you Rewrite and the b-side mp3s!
If you have a gmail account, I can send it there, and if you don't and you want one, I have invites. I think the files are too big for hotmail.

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Date:September 9th, 2004 - 09:23 am
whoo-hoo! so your finally watching PoT! trust me, when you meet all the rivals you're gonna pretty much forget that Seigaku existed. (at least, most of us do..)
Hyoutei, Atobe's school has gotta be the sluttiest one ^_________^
& Rikkai's the coolest

tho it's kinda embarassing in recent epis where the fanservice is a bit TOO blatantly obvious >.>