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I forgot to take screencaps --; - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
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I forgot to take screencaps --; [Sep. 9th, 2004|09:50 am]
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I went to bed early last night, and then I woke up late this morning. That is starting to piss me off. I think in the future I will *not* go to bed early, unless it's like 5 or 6pm or something, and that way I will not be inclined to wake up late. The hell am I talking about.

I forgot to take screencaps last night, because I went to bed early. I did manage to watch episodes 36-40 of PoT. The freaky violent guy pwnz. I forgot his name, but it reminds me of the word "akatsuki", which is part of the title of an aiko album (akatsuki no love letter). You know who I'm talking about, the violent guy. I was all "w00t! A villain!" I'm sure he'll get his comeuppance soon, but it's kinda more esciting when there's a real villain and not just a mouthy tennis player. I love how in these sports-type shows they always solve everything with a match. I love tournaments, I think that's why I like PoT and HNG and DB and YGO so much. I don't even care what the tournament is of, I just like to have loads of characters participating in tournaments.

So, this weekend should be more HNG, Holly said she wanted to see more. It's kinda cool, I get to watch the series twice because she hasn't seen it yet. I'll still cry in that one episode where I cried. I wouldn't have watched it twice this quickly if not for Holly wanting to see it. I wonder how old she'll be when she figures out shonen-ai.

And speaking of shonen-ai and yaoi,
doujinshi - 5050(GoGo) Inuyasha! <>Inuyasha<> Not that I'm some mad SesshoumaruxInuyasha fan, but this is by one of my fave RK artist circles. They're bound to draw adorable demon-guys.
doujinshi - Daitan Futeki (Danchizuma Series) <>Tennis no Oujisama<> It was $2.90 (love teh bargain bin eh!) I don't even know who's in it.
doujinshi - Ryuusenkei (Ao) {LINE BLUE} <>Hagane no Renkinjutsushi<><>Fullmetal Alchemist<> Guh, it's gonna look like I like RoyxEd! But I really love these artists. Sacrifices must be made. For art.
doujinshi - Sanosanosa <>Rurouni Kenshin<> Same artist, yup. I have a gorgeous scan of one of their other RK djs, I'll have to find it and show you. I'm sure I posted it in kenshinyaoi once.
doujinshi - Soreyuke! Koenmasama <>Yu Yu Hakusho<> Same artist. Gag doujinshi. YuusukexKoenma XD
doujinshi - Sugar baby! <>Gundam Wing<> It was inexpensive, and same artist. I don't even know what pairing, but I'm guessin 2x1. Only $4.90!
doujinshi - Te no Naru Hou e {To the Light To theWarmth And to your Heart} <>Hikaru no Go<> This is the KagaMitani one where on the cover Kaga is painting Mitani's toenails (I should SO not find that hott... but I do ¬¬ )
doujinshi - Tsuyogari Romanticist <>Hikaru no Go<> Same artist as above, it's a very interesting art style. This one is only $4.90, but the description says this: KagaxKaga, KagaxIsumi. Umm... do what now? KagaxKaga? Two Kagas? Heh, yum :D KagaIsumi? They don't even know each other! Oh, wait... KagaMitani don't know each other, either. Hehehe. Yaoi ;)
doujinshi - UNDER YOUR SKY <>Hikaru no Go<> Another KagaMitani, different artist. Might be the same artist that did the KagaTsutsui that I posted awhile ago. I forgot.

I got Pokemon Leaf Green and Fire Red yesterday. I started playing Fire Red. I know so much about the Gen1 games it almost feels like I'm cheating, I don't even read what people are saying to me. "OK, go here, that guy'll give me a thing, go back to Oak's, go back to Viridian, go get a mankey and a spearow, ok that guy will give me a thing, there's an item over here..."
I should pay more attention, as if it was the first time I ever played this game. I'll try to be surprised when Brock sends out his Onyx and uses Bide. (I still love the game, even if I can play it in my sleep.)

I'm not insanedrop trou!

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Date:September 9th, 2004 - 03:00 pm

*burns the Roy x Ed*

[User Picture]
Date:September 10th, 2004 - 08:47 am
Aww... it's not that... umm... ok it is that bad ><
I just pretend they're someone else. Like, maybe Naruto grew a braid and Iruka ... umm.... suddenly resembles Roy ¬¬

[User Picture]
Date:September 10th, 2004 - 03:52 pm

..iruka is a hottie.