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I haven't done anything productive! [Sep. 17th, 2004|06:49 am]
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Yes I'm still trying to update the website, but I will tell you right now, my FMA depression runs deep. I can hardly read fanfics or look at fanarts anymore without going all ;_; It's not just cuz of ... ok it is. Beh.

SO in an effort to not be all depressed and mopey just because I'm too emotionally attached to fictional anime characters, I watched every single subbed ep of Prince of Tennis, and then I tried to get all the raws, but I could only get 148 and up. So, like, since subs are only up to 129, there's like a 20 ep gap. So, like, somewhere in those 20 eps there has occurred a Japan vs US all-star matchup. I don't really know what happened. Doesn't seem like there was enough eps (20) to go all the way through Nationals and then have tryouts for the Japan team, especially since 129 was total filler with no plot whatsoever. (Yes I was disappointed with that episode, especially on the heels of ep 128.)

HAHAHAHA the cat just fell off of the icebox! What a dumbass! And then he went back up there!

Back to the blah blah blah. OK, so like, there's this American guy, Baker, and he's like, mean. Or, obnoxious. There's some hardcore American stereotypes in this story arc, and he's the stereotypical money-hungry exploiter of youth. All he ever talks about is the corporate sponsor. Then, there's these guys that Atobe and Sanada are playing against in doubles, and one of 'em is an ex-cowboy. Lame. And the coach for the creepy school (I forgot the name of it, the 'conditioning' school) is bench coach for Atobe and Sanada, she is scary. So, naturally, they're not playing as a team (who'd have guessed ¬¬ ) until Atobe has some kind of revelation related to the Tango. This amused me greatly purely because of our tango RP in fma_rp. So he ends up with instead of Hametsu e no rondo, hametsu e no tango. Ehehehehe >D So, they win! Yey! The next doubles pair is Kikumaru and Oshitari. They play against a brother/sister, no wait, they're both guys? No friggin way. That ain't a guy. Taichi is more masculine than that guy! Anyway they're 'brothers' and they came from a 'poor' family, single mom who looked like a bit of a boozer to me, but who knows. Anyway, the evil machinator Baker paid their mom shitloads of money so they could come train with him and they are good at doing stupid tricks. Then, he asks them to lose the match, so that it will be really spectacular for the viewers at home, and they'll get some sympathy stuff, and that will please the corporate sponsor. They're like "OK." cuz they do everything that guy says, and the other American teammates call them Baker's puppets for always doing what he says. But then they're losing, and Kikumaru gets all mad and is like "you're not playing your best!" and then they remember how much fun they used to have playing tennis, and some crap about gifts, it was really stupid. They end up winning, which I sorta wanted 'em to win just cuz Baker creeps me out, but that means Kikumaru and Oshitari lost! T^T But Kikumaru was all "Great game yey hoihoi!" Their bench coach was Hyoutei's coach, I forgot his name. Tezuka is like, there, but he's not in uniform so I don't think he's on the team. Fuji, Echizen, Sengoku, Akaya, those are the others on the team that I recall. I'm just thinking is Sengoku really good enough for that team? I mean, yey, Yamabuki, but... yeah.
I sure would like to know what happened in the 20 eps I can't get to yet. Like, Akaya had a major freakout, and now he's on the team? What happen! I'm sad that Tachibana didn't make the team. Is he still injured?
LOVE the new ED, which I already had a mp3 of but hadn't seen the vid for it, and it's SO CUTE - it shows lots of rival school's players doing school-related activity. It's very cute. Escept Kabaji. He scares me. Even if he's just walking to class. And what's up with Atobe always "Ne, Kabaji." Atobe's cool and all, sortof, but sorta not. I don't think I'd pay him any mind whatsoever if Suwabe Junichi wasn't his VA ;) So, I guess I'm done with spoilers, back to non-cut.

So, I got some doujinshis. I got one (for only $3!) of Shishido and Ohtori. They're quite cute together. Ohtori is all seme, and then Shishido is like MY TURN DAMMIT but Ohtori doesn't let him >D Then Oshitari shows up at the door all drooly over Shishido, who is partially undressed but he's wearing Ohtori's shirt - it is quite cute - and so Oshitari is all "ZOMG gimme somma dat!" and Shishido is all YAMERO! But of course, Oshitari isn't listening, and then Ohtori comes out BUCK NEKKID!! I mean, he is NEKKID! Of course thanks to censorship we can't see but a pixellated area of privates, but he walks into the room nekkid and sees Oshitari manhandling his uke! So he goes all "aww, my sweetie... i's OK now" then he's like "WHA THA HELL" to Oshitari, and Oshitari is like "Hey dumbass, you're nekkid." And Ohtori is all "ZOMG you perv! Stop lookin at me nekkid!" Then Ohtori and Shishido have a 'talk', and Ohtori is all "Why you wanna mess with me like that! Baby you know I luuuuuuv you!" but he's actually kinda irritated and pouty, but Shishido is also pouty, damn it's cute. So Ohtori is yellin, and then Shishido grabs him and kisses him, and it's very very cute :D

I might scan that one later. But one I will probably never scan is called Under Your Sky, it's a Hikago book, Kaga/Mitani. It is so gorgeous it is the first doujinshi I've ever bought that I am actually unwilling to bend the spine for you because of the pretty. Here is the item information from jpqueen, so you can see a bit of it. It's got angsty Mitani, and uberconfident Kaga, and it's just beautiful. I will tell you the story.
Kaga is walking home from school, and he sees a kitty! Yey Kaga/Kitten OTP! So he goes to pet the kitty (which is not unlike my Moof in it's blackness) but kitty is like 'hehe!' and then it goes up to Mitani, who randomly appears, and it loves him. So Kaga's like "Aww damn." And then Mitani is all pouty, and being mean, but then his sister is lookin good, so Kaga acts like he was coming over to hang with Mitani, and she invites him in, but then Mitani's like "D00d. I so did not invite you over." So they go to Mitani's room, and Kaga goes to light up a smoke, but Mitani takes it from him, and then Kaga takes Mitani's hand and goes to put the cigarette in his mouth (this is the preview on the jpqueen description thing) but then Mitani doesn't let him smoke it. So then the kitty comes in, and it loves Mitani. And it climbs in his lap, not unlike this Moof. And Kaga finds this Mitani-petting-kitty adorable, so he goes and kisses him. Mitani blushes, sure, but then he's like "ZOMG MENZ DON'T KISS YO!" And he acts all mad and offended, so Kaga acts like he's going to leave, and Mitani (of course) stops him, and then some kind of discussion that I forgot but it brings out some memories and emotions that Mitani didn't want to deal with and tears accidentally come out of his eyes so he goes to run off, but Kaga stops him. So, Mitani is all upset, but Kaga's all not being mean, he's being really nice, and then he kisses Mitani again, and ok I might scan that scene, it's on the edge of the page ant it's beautiful. And then Kaga and Mitani are on the floor holding each other for awhile, it is SO CUTE. I could die. So then, Kaga's leaving, and they're outside by the gate, and he wants to act like as close as they were acting inside (not the kissing, just he puts his hand on Mitani's head) and Mitani is like "Cut it out, you tard!" and Kaga's like "Kaga." and Mitani is all 'do what now?' and Kaga's like "It's my name. Doi." And then Mitani goes all 'feh. Ok. Kaga." And then Kaga gets all happy and he grabs Mitani's hands and Mitani's like "..." and then he releases Mitani's hands all nice and sweet like, and he totally means it when he says 'ja'. It is well cute. Then Mitani is like "Oi. I smell like smoke now. But I like it, and that scares me." And then he shows up at the Go club. Because Kaga reminded him that he loves Go. I dunno how, but it was in one of those discussions. There's lots of kanji in this book that I don't know. But damn if it ain't beautiful. I can barely stand to open it enough to read it, because I don't want to mess it up.

I got one RoyxEd, drawn by one of my favorite circles, and it's well cute, even if it is RoyxEd. Then there's a Sesshomaru/Inuyasha, but it has lots of plot, but it's also very cute. And another Sano/Kenshin. They draw Sano SO CUTE I almost die. And a 2x1, same artists, and it's almost as cute as Colors Club Jr. I'm not kidding. I'm not.

But what you want to hear about is the other Kaga djs. Well, OK, the other Kaga/Mitani, it's not as pretty as the other one, but the art style is rather unique and I like it. Not like some djs in which 'art style' is a loose term for 'can hardly draw', this is really a style, and it's intirguing.
So, the story goes like this. Mitani is getting his shoes, and someone left him a note in his shoes. And Kaga sees him finding the note, and he's all "ZOMG lady-friend?" and Mitani's all "Whateva." and then Kaga's like 'let's play hide & seek." Only I don't know what he really said, escept he was going to count to 10 before he went after Mitani. Mitani is like, kinda irritated, but he hides in this classroom, and then he's like "ZOMG Kaga will find out I have a crush on him." but I don't know what he's really saying. So he formulates a plan to make Kaga chase him down the halls and then Kaga will slip on the tiles because Mitani is in his street shoes but Kaga is still wearing his slippers. And then he can escape the game, or whatever it is. So he has the note from his shoe, and he's like "Come get it!" and takes off running down the halls. This all happens in school, at the end of the day. But what Mitani didn't notice was Kaga removed his slippers because they were pissing him off, so he doesn't slip and fall when they go around the corner, and he catches Mitani, and tackles him to the ground. Tile. In School. In the halls. And so he's got Mitani pinned to the floor, and then he's like "I like you too." And then they kiss. And then they do MORE than kiss, and Mitani is all 'aigh!' but Kaga's like "You'll like it" and Mitani DOES like it, and he yells out (because you know, first time) and Kaga's like "Oi don't be loud, there might still be people in school!" And umm... damn, it's hott.
So then, Mitani is all tired and he is sitting on the floor against the wall asleep, and he has his jacket over him and Kaga's jacket over him, and Kaga goes to read the note, but I don't think they tell me what the note said, or I was too busy looking at the pretty pictures, and then he tears up the note and sits next to Mitani and leans up against him and takes a nap, too. It's adorable, and hott.

OK that's all for now. I might describe the KagaxKaga one later. There's two Kagas, ShiroKaga and KuroKaga. They are both sexy. And they make out.

I've just realized you may not know who Oshitari, Ohtori, and Shishido are. I will screencap and add to the gallery.
I'm not insanedrop trou!

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Date:September 17th, 2004 - 09:37 am
Oi. MY kitty. MINE.

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Date:September 17th, 2004 - 09:48 am
Posession is 9/10ths of the kitty XP

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Date:September 17th, 2004 - 11:57 am
actually, the recent PoT epis really really suck. it's coz they seperated from the manga after Seigaku VS Hyoutei. so the anime producers are just showing us recycled crap from previous episodes with a dash of their own personal crack.

i urge u to read the manga ^^
nothing can beat manga!Rikkai

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Date:September 18th, 2004 - 01:56 am
I should! Plus it'll be in B&W and i love B&W :D

Also, thanks to you, I'm addicted to PoT musics now ;)

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Date:September 20th, 2004 - 04:50 pm

prince of tennis 136+ spoilers.

Uhh, every so often, I check through FM Chibi members' journals. I'm so amused that you like Prince of Tennis. XDDD

I sure would like to know what happened in the 20 eps I can't get to yet. Like, Akaya had a major freakout, and now he's on the team?

130-135 are all pointless, stupid filler. 136+ is the Jr. Senbatsu arc. A handful of the rivals (the ones you see in the ED, actually) and Seigaku go to the Jr. Senbatsu and vie for positions on the team to play against the Americans. You know how that turned out since you've seen the episodes. XD

In the anime, they basically said that anything he did while red-eyed wasn't his fault. >_> He apparently can't control himself when he's like that. Episode 138 was an Akaya-centric episode, and had him full of the teni-drugs. But, uh, yeah. He can't control it and that makes him do bad things et. all. Then, Ryoma challenged him to a match, they played, and Akaya managed to overcome it and play well without beating the crap out of Ryoma. Now he's smirky and snarky, but not beating the crap out of his fellow players.

And Sengoku is actually one of the top players in the series (he made Jr. Senbatsu the previous year, along with Sanada, Yanagi, and Atobe), he just... has had some really bad losses. But he also gets an episode (right after Kirihara's) that explains what he did after his match with Kamio, and he has a rematch with Momoshiro.

I'm not positive if Tachibana's still injured, but I'm assuming he was ineligible for Jr. Senbatsu (Kamio and Shinji made it). You see him briefly around... 142-ish, though.

Hope that helped somewhat. ^^;

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Date:September 20th, 2004 - 07:28 pm

Re: prince of tennis 136+ spoilers.

I forgot about fmchibi ¬¬ I should go, umm, be an active member or something.

(heh I said member)

If you are bored, and you feel like it, I sure would like to know what the Akutsu & Dan storyline was about. I looked at some screencaps, but it's hard to figure out what happened. Looked like the blonde American kid beat the crap out of Akutsu hittin him with tennis balls (OOC!) and then Ryouma was going to play the American kid but then Tezuka slapped him? I dunno, it was screencaps. And they were on the phone a lot, Dan and Akutsu. And it was well cute. I can't wait to see it.
And yay for Sengoku! I was glad he was there, because he's one of my favorite chars, but he didn't seem to be keeping up with the others. Yey! And thanks for the input!! I don't feel quite so lost now ^^

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Date:September 20th, 2004 - 07:38 pm

Re: prince of tennis 136+ spoilers.

Ohh, FMChibi lapses with its activity, don't worry too much about it. ^^ Greed's been covering. Something about ninjas.

Yeah, basically, the blond kid, Kevin Smith, was going from school to school looking for Ryoma, and he beat up everyone that didn't go to Senbatsu. However, when he went to Yamabuki, Akutsu wasn't there. Akutsu found out about Yamabuki getting beaten up and went off to avenge them. He and Dan were talking on the phone about it, and Dan was all, "don't do it, senpai!" But, uhh, Akutsu challenged Kevin to a match anyway. XD And then Akutsu lost because Kevin's apparently some psycho little freak boy who's after Ryoma.

Anything else?

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Date:September 21st, 2004 - 01:57 pm

Re: prince of tennis 136+ spoilers.

Oooooooh, thanks, I can't wait to see that :D