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Imaginary Plushie Anime DanceDance - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
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Imaginary Plushie Anime DanceDance [Sep. 21st, 2004|12:03 am]
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Mechazawa recommends
|Yuuji Ueda (Akutagawa Jiroh) - Sweet C]

So, I got all these TeniPuri musics. I already had all the Atobe songs because jpegasus sent them to me. And the Valentine's Kiss song, I forgot where I acquired that, but it's hella cute.
But I got a bunch more, thanks to magnet_dance who pointed me to some.
And I have something to say about these musics.

1 - OMGJIROU~~~~~~~!!!!! TOO CUTE FOR WORDS. *ded* Really. I'm not making it up this time. I've died of cute based on the song in my "current music". I am ded.
3 - There is no 2
4 - Kirihara!! I dunno what it is, but I dig Kirihara's musics. I jam out. <3 Kirihara
5 - EIJI. Damn. Could it get cuter? Yes, see #1 *ded*
9 - Fuji. "Right by your side" and "Walk On" where Jiroh is sleeping in the background. Those musics pwn my s0ul.
VII - Pulltabcan, Caps & Bins, Aozu.... the hell? Well, it is cute....
A - Echizen Ryouma has the best singing voice of any seiyuu I've evar heard. I mean, uhh.... forgotthestartswithM Junko. I LOVE her voice. Love. Lovelove. I think I'm her fan now and might buy her albums.
XXX - Saeki is very very sexy. So is Ohtori. And they are cute on their musics. Very cute. Nothing can touch the cute of the Akutagawa, though.

All this music would be much cuter if I had plushies. And since I have nothing better to do than waste bandwidth, I will list what chars I wish I had plushies of. Aside from Greed and Kimberly, because that is a given, and this post is not about Hagaren it is about TeniPuri. So, here's what I want plushies of: Shinji, Kamio, Akutsu, Dan, Sengoku, Jiroh, Ohtori, Shishido, Kirihara, and I might as well since I'm wishing ask for a Tachibana An plushie so she can watch plush Shinji and Akira make out. She'd like it. And might as well get a Atobe plushie and put him in a Greed cosplay outfit. And if I'm going to do that, they might as well all cosplay. Yeah! Jiroh can go as Mokona (even tho it would be sexy if he went as Kimberly, he won't do it.) Shinji and Kamio can go as ok I want to say Shinji and Kaworu from Eva just cuz they have similar names. That's so lame! It's obvious that Ohtori and Shishido are much better suited to cosplay Shinji and Kaworu! But Ohtori wants to go as Atobe (won't he be surprised! He'll nosebleed for sure), it's too bad Shishido refuses to go as Kabaji. Akutsu is going as Kakashi and Dan is going as Sasuke. It's well cute I swear. But really, Shinji and Kamio are going as Sai and Hikaru from Hikago, and not Akira and Hikaru, because Shinji would have to go as Akira and Akira would go as Hikaru and they would get confused. Are you confused? Are you still reading? You're crazier than I am! Sengoku dyes his hair and goes as Spike from Bebop. OK now Jiroh says he'll go as Kimberly but only if Tezuka will go as Scar. Tezuka just gave him a look and tried really hard not to say "Beh." Akaya wanted to go as Seto Kaiba but Mizuki already had dibs so he's settled for Anderson from Hellsing. Last year Shishido went as Kenshin, but now he has short hair so he's going to have to go with Sanosuke.
Now I know what you're thinking. You're thinking "What about An-chan?" You will be happy to hear that she's decided to take a walk on the wild side and go as Haruko from FLCL! Won't this be a fun imaginary plushie anime convention!

I'm not insanedrop trou!

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Date:September 21st, 2004 - 12:46 am
yea! Kirihara music rules!!
btw, i had bought Atobe & Kabaji plushies sometime ago. now just need my digicam to work right again >.