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Oii [Sep. 24th, 2004|09:26 pm]
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Here's me ^^
Here's me on angsty doujinshi ;_;

Here's me scanning non-angsty doujinshi for you to see the artwork. I did not scan the whole thing of any of these. It's all about the art. I took more screencaps today, and I might post those later. I don't have a good reason. I should really update my website ¬¬

Remember last week whenever I said I had a doujin so beautiful I was not willing to bend the spine? Well, I got another one by the same artist, and I am willing to bend the spine on that one, so here, have Ruru's take on Kaga/Mitani:

Is her version of Kaga not beautiful? And Mitani so sweet? Rivals the original manga. If not exceeds.
So, let's see what she does with Sengoku and Akutsu. Well she's got Sengoku a little more uke than I like him, but yey for the smoking tough guy and curly-red-headed guy pairings! And for those of you who are reading, yes, on the last page Sengoku does get a kiss. But that's the only picture on that page, so I didn't scan it. Now, the funniest thing about this dj is the ad in the back for a dj or anthology or event or something called "Glasses Freaks". Yes, you are correct, it features men with glasses.
But shut up about the glasses. Look at how pretty these guys are.

Now this art style might look a little weird to you. This is a love-it-or-hate-it style. This here reminds me of a western comic artist, I think his name is Carlos Meglia. I could be wrong, but I have a Star Wars comic he made, because I love the art so much. So, this is what would have happened if that guy moved to Japan and drew yaoi boys love doujinshi. There's two sets of pages here so you can get a good idea of what the style is like. I adore it.
Once again, we have Sengoku and Akutsu. I know what you're thinking, you think I love them together. That's not true! They are cute, but they're no OTP. I just happen to love Akutsu and I happen to love Sengoku, and people like to draw them making out. They are not going to end up together or anything, though. I said so.

And in a similar big hands style, here's some Hyoutei. I like this style, too. It's like a cartoon, all exaggeratory and stuff. But this one is a little more 'polished' if you will, meaning it looks less like pencil sketches. I love pencil sketches, so the style above just makes me so very very happy. Unfortunately, I don't know what circle that is, because these are from an anthology. Just so you know, if you haven't figured it out, Ohtori and Shishido is my fave pairing of the series. There's a smex doujinshi somewhere featuring long-haired Shishido. Must acquire. But I'm supposed to stop buying doujinshi obsessively (I have like 5 or 6 of ToriShishi, which is still less than I have of SetoYami.)
ANYWAY, I love how they draw Gakuto. Lots of artists draw him all girly, and yeah he is kinda girly, but he's like... not a wide-eyed naive princess, mmkey? Right, I've talked too much. There will be more talking after this picture.

OK, like, this pic isn't just smegtastic art or anything, it's just an anthology cover. But look at Shishido and Ohtori dancing XD
*insert squee*

OK, now that I showed you the pretty pictures, let me reiterate something I said earlier in a comment. Doujinshi circles and fanartists and fanfic writers: do not make Sengoku, Jiroh, or Ohtori cry! I hate that! And don't make Mizuki cry unless Yuuta is also crying!
And what's up in the FLower Place doujinshis with the uke club? I dunno what it is really, but it's like, Fuji, Shishido, Mizuki and Ryoma. I think. I could be wrong, but what is that? A uke club? A support group for men who don't wear the pants in the family? What is that? It's very cute, especially whenever Fuji and Mizuki go all >( at each other. And I am SO confused on the one wherever Oshitari is having some kind of contest and the ukes are all involved somehow and then ... I got confused. I really should learn more kanji.
And you know what? Ogata/Akira is rather hott. I didn't think it would be as hott as it is. I should have scanned a page of that but I didn't. There's also a pretty hott Kaga/Hikaru in that same anthology. That one is full of smex.

You love updates like this. Admit it.
I'm not insanedrop trou!