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Yar, matey! - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
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Yar, matey! [Sep. 27th, 2004|12:45 am]
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Mechazawa recommends
|Kirihara Akaya (Rikkai) - It's alright]

I stoeled stuff!
Namely, doujinshi circle art from the internet. What we have here is some serious ToriShishi . And some not-so-serious. And I threw in some other chars just to keep you interested. All two of you who are going to click the lj-cut text ¬¬

Behind the cut are 50-something images. Some are tiny little gifs. Some are 100x100 type gifs. Some are pretty full page pictures. It is a mess. But by God it's an adorable mess.

OK, I'll esplain some things. The TeniPuri OTP is Ohtori Chotaroh and Shishido Ryoh. Shishido used to have long samurai hair, and then he cut it off. That's why in some pictures he has long hair and some he has short. Ohtori always calls Shishido "Shishido-san". Shishido calls Ohtori "Chotaroh". That's why I use their names differently sometimes. Lesse, who else do you need to know full names of.... Akutagawa Jiroh, Mukahi Gakuto... I'm not sure I use any other names so there you go.

All of these images, and more, generally grouped by school, can be found in my LJ PoT photo gallery. Lovin the LJ photo hosting.

The baby

The baby
Animated Shishido gif

I dunno where he's going.
Animated Shishido gif

I dunno why.

I like that he still goes "Ahhhhn?"

I don't normally like this kind of pic that looks like it was made with fine-point pen, but this is cute.
Chotaroh and a squid

He has... ummm.... dinner.
Chotaroh and a squid
Shishido and snacks

Aww, Ohtori had something tentacled and all Shishido gets is these crackers.
Shishido and snacks

This pic is gorgeous.

Damn I love pencil sketches.
B&W pwnz

I'm tired of thinking of titles for these pictures. It's pretty!
B&W pwnz

Oh yes. Damn. This is cute.

See how cute they are together?

OK, ditching the 'title' thing now. Yes.
Look at the cute boys in love. They are in love.

And I saved this pic... why? Too much color. Cute, but too much.

Well this is cute! The Hyoutei Roman Empire or something. I dunno. Look how cute Chotaroh is. Why is Mukahi naked?

This is some little picture story thing on some website, and there's Chotaroh he found a puppy in the rain, and then Shishido shows up.

This is probably in some anime art book somewhere. Must acquire.

Again, probably anime art book. Damn this is cute. If this doesn't say OTP to you, I dunno what does.

Gahhhhh they are TOO CUTE.

Awwwwwww DAMN this is cute!

pleezpleezpleezPLEEZ make out!!!!


They're on a date!! *squee!*

Aww, he's so polite!

You know it to be cute.

Fuhhhhh!! The cuteness!

If you dont' agree that this picture is gorgeous, it's because you are being a grammar nazi and pointing out that my apostrophe in the 3rd word in this sentence is misplaced.

*hed splodes*

Not my fave pairing (obviously, you'd have to be a moron to get this far and not figure that out) but damn nice pic.


Here you go, Atobe fans. Have some gratuitous Atobe.

The fansites informed me that the 29th is his birthday.



Haha! Cute!

They're so close *winkwink*

He's like "ZOMG we're taller than senpaitachi!"

OOC? A bit, yes.

No, I don't know why Kirihara is showing off his sexy shaved legs to Hiyoshi-kun.

Awwwwwwww chibi!!

And of course a matching chibi ^^

Fairytale chibis!

Tiny little OTP gif.

I dunno what the text says, I didn't even read it, but it's very very very pretty.

Just cuz he's makin that face like this >< doesn't mean he doesn't like it. They are in love.

Too much color. But DAMN.

Sooooo adorable! I love them!!!

Gahhhh!! The cuteness overwhelms!! And the art is beautiful.

I read the text on this drabble. It said this "Nakinaide Shishido-san!" "Naite ja nai." And it went on for a few more sentences. He'll stop crying, he will.

He's very very pretty, isn't he. He's wearing Shishido's cap. How sweet ^^

That is Ohtori's cross in his mouth! I told you they were in love!! ^^

Well this is cute! But we all know that Ohtori tops ;)

Umm... those individual images from before, put TOGETHER. SO you can see exactly how adorable it is.

Sex is or will happen here.

I don't knwo what holiday this is, but it looks very cute from here.

They're going to get drunk and make out! Or, they're going to struggle with that bottle, say screw it, and make out.

I'm not insanedrop trou!

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Date:September 26th, 2004 - 11:49 pm
Mmmmm gratutituous atobe....