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I said I wasn't gonna ¬¬ Hey look, three eyes ¬¬¬ But here, stolen… - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
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[Sep. 28th, 2004|11:55 am]
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|Sengoku Kiyosumi (Yamabuki) - Trial of Luck (remix)]

I said I wasn't gonna ¬¬
Hey look, three eyes ¬¬¬
But here, stolen artwork from the internet. And I'm still within the guidlines of fair use, since all I'm doing is showing you, not posting to comms or anything, and I'm using my personal photohosting and not direct linking or anything. I'm just happy of these pictures and I wish to share! And I say more than just "cute!" this time. I swear.
And what do I have for you today? More ToriShishi, some single pics of others, a couple of chibis, lots of Yamabuki love, and a mega awesome Kirihara pic that I would put on my desktop essept it might scare Holly.


The scariest thing about this picture is the portrait of nekkid Atobe in the background.

Some pictures don't need captions. Sadly, I suck at not captioning. SO here you go.
And Damn.

How cute is this! Shishido in this pic reminds me of Pasquale from Rose is Rose.
No reason

OK, you know I'm not some mad Oshitari fan, but I am a fan of the phrase "no reason". I do a great many things for that reason.
No reason

Keigo, ahhhhn-shite!

Amuses me a little more than it should ^^

I like the artwork here. It's cute, Ohtori's all "Lookie I got j00 capxx0r, Shishido-san!"

He's got the long hair in this pic. I dunno why I stoeled this to be honest. It's cute, but it's not all that.

Everyone who knows me should know why I stoeled this. I don't think I've seen a picture so completely perfectly suited to my tastes ever in my life.
Guren no Kirihara
Bath Time W00!

God yes.
Bath Time W00!

This is Just Hott.
Hangin out

Oshitari and Mukahi are embarrassed by how flirty Ohtori is in public. (Seirously. I read the whatever went with this picture.)
Hangin out

Mizuki and Kirihara... together? They are working on cute sexy plots to seme the Fuji brothers. >D

Oh so pretty. Is there any doubt in your mind that they are made for each other?

You know I can't resist the chibis.

Chibis pwn my soul.

Aww well now this is just cute.

Chibi Sengoku! Yey :D

Chibi Taichi! Yey :D

Chibi Akutsu! Mega yey :D

Chibi Minami! Yey :D
Hey. Where's chibi Muromachi.

Ibu and Kamio. Together 4-evar. It says that on their secret decoder rings.

Grr, finepointpen-lines. But it's a very pretty picture nonetheless.

What they don't tell you is that he's being lectured by the principal. But he's not really bothered by it, as you can see.

Sengoku and Minami ditched practice to read comics, but then their favorite character died and now they're depressed.

OK, apologies to Hyoutei fans, but Sengoku is SO much prettier than Atobe. But he only gets half the love! Why! It's because he's not as rich, isn't it. You're so shallow ;_;

He's still whining to Minami that his favorite character in that comic died.

Minami sketches! Would you believe my browser crashed (because another brand of browser was a being a bitch *cough*IE*cough*) and I lost the bookmark to this site ;_;

I think he's walking on the beach or something. At any rate, he's barefoot ^^

"And that's Orion, and there's Casseiopeia..."

Jimmies! I forgot the non-Minami Jimmy's name, but for some reason I want to call him Mamimi o_O

He's cute for an insanely minor character, inne.

Sengoku's like "See? See? Right there! That can't have happened! It's physically impossible!" and Minami's all "Dude. He died. Quit whining about it already and go buy your own comics!"

Gah. Stupid penmarks ><
Pretty Sengoku, tho.

OK, in the Gallery view, you wont' be able to see it, but these are two pictures together. Sengoku has Minami wrapped up in yarn. Why? No Reason.

Sengoku and Minami singing karaoke? Why? No reason.

Akutsu is so uke XD

I'm not insanedrop trou!

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Date:September 28th, 2004 - 01:36 pm
I love the first picture, Gakuto and Oshitari are the best XD. It's a non-chibi version of a picture they showed at the end of an episode. I wonder what Oshitari is doing to Shishido... >_>

Hyotei is awesome ^_^.

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Date:September 28th, 2004 - 07:27 pm
I never watch the ends of the episodes unless I don't have the next episode! So I've seen like.... 7 of those chibi endy piccys --;
I'll have to go watch 'em all now.