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Shut up about my screencap problem! - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
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Shut up about my screencap problem! [Sep. 30th, 2004|11:44 pm]
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|Oishi Shuuichiroh - Daisuki]

Oh I forgot to mention I got a shiny! State alchemist watch! It's shiny and matte at the same time! Sugee! Now back to your regularly scheduled nighttime random screencap post.

See, I decided earlier in the day that Bunta is cool. I also decided that Ryouma should not make out with Tezuka, but he should make out with Aoi. I haven't imported the Rokkaku eps into my screencapping software, though, so you get no pics of Aoi or of him and Ryouma sprawled under a tree sleeping. And you don't get any cute pics of Bane and Davide being amusing, or any pics of the delicious Saeki.
What you do get is a few Bunta pics and a little story I made up at the end about him and Jiroh. Like I hang out with them or something ¬¬

I have decided that Bunta is cool. Here he is talkin smack to Momo and Kaidoh. (And really, who *wouldn't* talk smack to those two?)

Talkin smack and smackin gum. That's what makes him cool. Did I mention I fully support a Jiroh/Bunta coupling? Well, I do.

Umm... I said Bunta and Jiroh. Not Bunta and Jackal. Oh, I see. They're just playing tennis, not hide-the-salami.

So like, he did something cool, so he was all standing there in a cool pose especially for the photographer, who is a total spaz and a ditz.

He loves that gum, doesn't he. I suspect an oral fixation. Nyal >D

His initial reaction to Jiroh asking him out on a date. Don't worry folks, he said yes. They went to an Italian bistro for pasta and (shut up I like pasta!) then to the practice court so Marui could teach Jiroh some of his cool moves. Then Jiroh kissed him and at first he was like "WTF!" and then Jiroh was all "Suki!" and Bunta was like "...*pop*" and then Jiroh went all "Don't you like me?" and Bunta was like "...*pop*" and Jiroh realized that Bunta still had gum in his mouth. And he was all "Ohhhh gum! You can put it under that bench there, I won't tell!" and Bunta was like "...*pop*". Jiroh didn't notice that Bunta was not quite sure if he wanted to make out or not, because he's that way and optimistic. So, being the cutie that he is, he just TOOK Marui's gum! And Bunta was like "... MY GUM." and Jiroh put the gum under the bench and didn't tell anybody, and Bunta was like "... MY GUM." and Jiroh kissed him full on the lips! And Bunta liked it. And so Jiroh sed "Better than gum?" and Bunta replied "Perhaps..." And then they made out under the stars. It was hella cute. You shoulda seen it.

OK I like that story I made up. It's cute. I might write it up properly or something. It's that cute to me. Or I could take more screencaps and make a proper screencap-tale of it. I will do that tomorrow. Must sleep now. ZZzzzzzz.
I'm not insanedrop trou!

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Date:September 30th, 2004 - 10:58 pm
*squeals with you* I really want a State Alchemist watch! XDD

And what anime is that? I want to say Prince of Tennis but I've never seen it before, I just see a racket and a tennis court...lmao.

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Date:October 1st, 2004 - 05:01 am
It is Prince of Tennis! Since FMA got dumb, it's my new favorite thing to screencap ^^

The state alchemist watch is really really cool. Got it on Ebay for like $40 (from Hong Kong). Next time you have spare moneys, you should get one :D