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It's after 5:00... - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
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It's after 5:00... [Oct. 5th, 2004|12:59 pm]
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Blame magnet_dance for telling me to ¬¬

1. Did you watched all tenipuri episodes up to the newest?
Sadly, I can't find torrents of 132-147 yet, but when they're up, I will.

2. You like tennis?
Actually I find tennis to be a bit boring. But I find Go to be a bit boring, too, and I ate that show up. It's all about the characters.

3. Up to now, which scene(or line) that you remember most?
Two of 'em. First = Shishido and Ohtori, ep I forgot what episode, 118? Who knows. Anyway, Hyoutei practice matches against Seigaku after the hell week of training. Momo just made up a stupid name for his cyclone smash thing, and Shishido and Ohtori say "Super-lame" in unison, and then Shishido gets all embarrassed because it is SO OBVIOUS they are together at that point ^^ Then Ohtori does the puppy thing... damn it's cute!
Second = First time Kirihara is introduced, ep 49 or somethin, and he's tryin to be smoove, but he ends up causing a fiasco at Seigaku, so he's all "ZOMG they're gonna think I did it! Wait... I did it..." *slinks away* - That was priceless.

4. What made you start watch(read) Tennis No Oujisama?
Suwabe Junichi and Ueda Yuji. Yup, I'm that sad.

5. After watch(read) tenipuri did you start play tennis?
I barely play videogames, let alone actual *sports*!!

6. To you... what's the best part about tenipuri?
The characters. There's so many, and they're all so well developed, it's easy to have like 10 favorite chars

7. Who do you think is Fudomine's AllUKE?
Kamio, he's very cute.

8. Then who should be the seme?
Shinji. Just think about it. It's very hott.

9. Who is the last person that you want for his seme?
Last person on earth I'd like to see seme would be ... uhh... Banji >< (I squick you.)

10. What's your Fudomine Dream CP?
Shinji/Kamio. I know, I'm boring.

11. Can you accept them Seme <-> Uke?
Only in other people ;)

12. Do you know what's Hyotei?
What kind of question is that?

13. hey~ what's the relationship between Oshitari and Gakuto?
They are doing 'it'. In the clubhouse. During lunch break. But only when Chotaroh and Shishido aren't in there ;)
Gakuto seme.

14. Does Kabaji knows human language?
Probably not. Is he a ape.

15. What do you think about Otori?
Ohtori is adorable and delicious and he's Shishido's puppy-seme. They are so in love <3

16. In your mind... what kind of school is Hyotei?
They're like the rich brat school, buncha princesses and stuff ^^

17. Sengoku is Yamabuki's ... what?
Smex? God? Smex god? Yes. That's it >D

18. Akutsu is Yamabuki's ... what?
Delicious piece of protesting uke meat? Seriously. I thought Dan was uber-uke, but ... umm... Akutsu is a very close second. I bet Dan could seme him. (I shouldn't find that hott, should I) I know what you're thinking. You're thinking he's a big tough guy, he can't be uke. But you're wrong! Read the doujinshi. The doujinshi do not lie essept sometimes when they imply that Shishido makes out with Oshitari behind Chotaroh's back. That's a lie.

19. Sengoku and Ryoma, who is more...Cruel (don't know how to translate)
Sengoku is the best of everything. I don't know what the translate was about, but Sengoku wins. Because he's great ^^

20. Seigaku's most match doubles?
I am lame. OishiKikumaru is a good coupling. Or I don't understand the question. Shut up, I don't care what the question is, it's Golden Pair smex! or tennis ¬¬

21. Seigaku's Allseme is?
Fuji. No question. I challenge you to deny it.

22. Seigaku's Alluke is?
Kaidoh. He has issues, and issues = uke ;)

23. Favorite Seigaku oudou CP?
Ryouma/Aoi (from Rokkaku) I don't know what the question is really but, you know, they are cute together and will probably move in together when they're 18.

24. How old is Tezuka?
like a million!

25. Who you think is his best match?
Yamato.. is that the right name? The buchou whenever Tezuka was a freshman. That guy.

26. What do you think about Oishi's hair?
It's boring, like the rest of him. He's like, nowhere without Eiji. But his musics are really really good.

27. Is Fuji Syusuke Handsome?
Fuji is teh Seigaku sex.

28. Do you think he is smileSeme or QueenUke?
Fuji? Fuji is uberseme. Uber.

29. Who is he's best match?
I kinda dig Fuji/Kirihara. But then if Kirihara is doing Fuji, who is Sengoku doing? Oh yeah. Akutsu and Atobe. >D

30. What about Taka-san? what do you think about him?
He's funny. He wants a piece of Akutsu. But he's too shy to go for it.

31. What do you think about TakaxFuji?
That would be FujixTaka. Mmkey? And... uhh.. .I think o_O

32. Who you want be the most in Tenipuri?
Who what now? Jiroh or Sengoku. I dunno what the question means tho ¬¬

33. Why?
Because they are the coolest. And all mellow. And they don't get all pissed off and princessy when they lose.

34. Who you want play doubles with?
I would like to interpret this question the naughty way, but I won't. Umm... Dabide. Heehee!

35. If everyone is a pet, which one do you want!!!
If I could count the number of times I've watched the show and seen a char and said "Wow, that's adorable. I want one." So, here's the quick list: Jiroh, Gakuto, Bunta, Ohtori, Sengoku, Kirihara, Shinji, the rest of Yamabuki...

36. Who looks like "stupidest"?
Shiba. She's like, duhhhhhhhhhh

37. Then who looks like "smartest"?
Inui looks smart cuz he wears glasses and wanks on and on about 'data', but Fuji's probably the smartest really.

38. Who is most evil?
What nobody knows is that, under cover of darkness, mild-mannered idiot-savant Kabaji moonlights as MALFEASOR, DESTROYER OF HOUSEPLANTS AND THE GOOD BREAD! Teh evil. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

39. If everyone falls in to ocean, who will you save?

40. Who most likely to hurt himself?
On purpose, or on accident? On accident I'll say Kaidoh, because he's a total doofus. On purpose, heh >D wow my imagination went to some fun fun places!

41. Who loves himself too much?
Atobe. Duh ^^

42. Who you want go out with?
Haven't you been paying attention? Sengoku, duh ^^

43. Who you want see turns to girl?
Turns to girl meaning what...? I have a doujinshi where Shishido grows boobies. And pics of Gakuto in a dress, and Atobe in a dress, and Sengoku in a dress... and most of Yamabuki in a dress really... actually the only person I don't think I have a pic of in a dress is Dan, which is kindof ironic, ne?

44. Who do you think will be bald first?
Well the obvious answer would be Jackal, but Minami's hair looks a bit recede-y

45. Who will be the best friend?
My best friend? Who *wouldn't* want to be my best friend? XD I'll go with Sengoku and Dabide.

46. Who eats the most?

47. Who will be a good father?
Odd question... lesse... Tezuka.

48. Who will be a good mother?

49. If you can, in seigaku who you want talk to the most?
Fuji. He's cool. Plus he likes spicy food, so we could go eat wasabi-sushi, or jalapenos, or something good like that. Now I'm going to pretend he's my friend.

50. If you can, in Hyotei who you want talk to the most?
Ohtori. He's just adorable and fun. Or Jiroh, but he might not have much to say if he's asleep...

51. If you can, in Fudomine who you want talk to the most?
Shinji. I love his random mumblings, it's like all his inner monologue is on the outside ^^

52. If you can, in Yamabuki who you want talk to the most?
I doubt anyone is still reading this, but if you are and you haven't figured out by now my answer will be Sengoku, there is something wrong with you. Now I'm going to pretend he's my friend. :D

53. If you can, in St.Rudolph who you want talk to the most?
Mizuki, but for evil reasons. It's fun to mess with people like him >D

54. If you can, in Rikkai who you want talk to the most?
Kirihara. He's just teh awesome.

55. Which school is your favorite?
Yamabuki. They need more anime screen time. And I need more than random odd pages of manga ;_; The whole team is just so odd and cute.

56. Which school is the one you want to go?
Yamabuki (duh) because they have more fun than everybody else ^^ Rikkai would be 2nd but they have to study too much ><

57. If you are a tennis player, want to PK whith who?
I dunno what that means. Probably means something to do with playing against, yeah, so I'll answer that question. Umm... Jiroh?

58. Who you don't want to have a match with?
Fuji. Fuji is mean, in a good way.

59. Did you start to watch real tennis match because of Tenipuri?
I don't watch much television.

60. Who you think'll be a good teacher?
Hell I dunno, Minami?

61. Who is your dream affair lover? (can't be the one you choose for boyfriend)

62. What kind of ending you wish Tenipuri have?
Sadly, I would like no ending at all. Because I'm that pathetic ¬¬ But seriously. Ending with graduation from jr. high, so that we get to see everybody cry, especially Ohtori ;_; ok that might be TOO sad for me...

63. Say something to Konomi Takeshi-san!
Why, is he listening?

64. Besides Seigaku, who do you think should win?
Me. (Duh ;)

65. When do you think Tezuka will comeback?
When he's good & ready

66. How do you show your love towards your favorite character?
All I know is that I need plushies. Gimme ><

67. Anything want to say about the Seiyuus?
I'm impressed by the image songs. But especially Minagawa Junko. I mean, damn, she's like, amazing. I'm her fan now. Other faves in the show (outside of Suwabe and Ueda and Okiayu), uhh... ok instead of looking up real names I'll just tell what chars they play, my fave seiyuu on the show outside of the 4 I already mentioned: Sengoku, Kirihara, Oishi, Gakuto, Fuji, Saeki, Kentaroh, Chotaroh.

68. At last, who you think is the PRINCE?
Bunta. I don't have a good reason.

I'm not insanedrop trou!

[User Picture]
Date:October 5th, 2004 - 10:28 pm
lol! yes there needs to be more Yamabuki luv~~
they're a fun school! ^______^

[User Picture]
Date:October 7th, 2004 - 08:06 am
They're fun and there's much oddness there! It's like, the crack school ^^