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My dreams are getting weird. - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
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My dreams are getting weird. [Oct. 6th, 2004|10:08 pm]
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OK, two dreams. Yesterday, I took a nap, and during that nap I had a dream that Aiko (the jpop singer, her big hits you might know are "Boyfriend", "Hanabi", "Kabutomushi", recently "Hanakaze" and "Kaban", and last year she had "Chouchou Musubi" - you may know of her. She is pwn) OK longest parenthetical evar, you can stop now. So anyway, Aiko, the jpop singer, was dating Saeki from PoT. They were cute together, but aside from that I don't remember much of that dream.

Then I slept at night, and let me tell you that dream. Strangest cast of characters evar. It was PoT and Transformers, if that helps. And add a Val in there because it was my dream dammit.

Starts off with Akazawa and Mizuki making out. Why? Because I was looking at a doujinshi of that just before I went to sleep. So far nothing odd. But then do a dream-cut to me and Arai driving around in some car that wasn't mine, looking for directions. But then there was an overpass washed out, but luckily I saw it in time and didn't drive right to my doom, instead I stopped the car and yelled at some passers-by "Hey, can you call 911 for us so I can get my car off of here?" and they were like "No!" and I got really pissed off, and I was like "Why the fuck not!" but then my friends (yes, in this dream they were my friends) Shiba and Sumire came walking by and I was like "Yo. What up. Can you call 911 for me?" and then THEY were like "no." And I got really pissed off, because I had just been talking to Shiba on the phone prior to having to navigate the weird intercity highways of this dream, and I was like "The fuck! You can chat at me about your stupid boyfriend but you can't fucking use the damn phone to help me get my car out?" and she was like "I just wouldn't know what to say!" and I said "Gimme the damn phone then!" and -- yes I just realized it too, what the hell phone was I using prior to this particular scene, but dreams eh? -- so anyway, she wasn't going to lend me her phone, either, so I asked Sumire to lend me her phone, and she also said no, because I was irresponsible and might lose it. And I went all "I'M STRANDED ON AN OVERPASS WHERE THE HELL COULD I LOSE YOUR GODDAMN PHONE!"
Honestly, I dunno how we got down from there. So dream-cut to me and Akutsu and Eiji, and we are riding in a jet plane, and it happens to be Starscream (shut up it was my dream and in my dream F-15s seat 3 people!) and what are we doing? Fighting the Autobots of course. But we were done with that for the day, so we went to the mall. Went to the mall and played with kittens. And Akutsu was like, all diggin the kittens, and I was like "D00d. If you love kittens so much why are you such a bastard all the time? Kittens should make you nice!" and Eiji agreed with me, and Akutsu was like "Shut up!" and I was all "Sheesh! High-strung!" and then he got mad, but an argument was interrupted by the mall being attacked by Decepticons. And since Starscream also loves kittens, he was all "Cut it out! There's kittens in here!" and Megatron was like "What the hell are you doing at the mall, you traitor! Get over here and help us destroy it!" and Starscream was like "Uh-uh! Kittens!" and they had a fight, but it was almost OK when the Autobots showed up, and they told Megatron that Starscream was their spy, but it was a lie, but Megatron believed 'em because he was (I forgot which autobots were telling stuff) all pissed off anyway. But we're not stupid so we escaped while Megatron was busy chatting with whoever he was chatting with. So then, there was this giant spaceship, and what we had to do was get Starscream on the spaceship, because otherwise all the Decepticons were going to leave him on Earth while they went to Cybertron (oh I know, mad original innit XP ). So, we manage to do this, me and Akutsu and Eiji, dunno how because it was like time-skip dream-cut, and so we're watching the spaceship go and we're like "I hope he can convince them he's not working for the Autobots" and stuff like that, and something about orange juice but I forgot it. So then Shiba comes up and is asking us questions about the spaceship and the Autobots and stuff, and I'm like "Bitch, you didn't let me use your phone when I was stranded, so I have no comment XP" and Akutsu didn't want to talk to her anyway, but Eiji did but instead of telling her anything about the spaceship or the autobots and decepticons, he was like "There were like 6 kittens! And one was gray, and another one was white with orange patches, and there was an all-black one, and two really fluffy siamese-colored ones...."

Must go to work now. A bit late, yes.
I'm not insanedrop trou!