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I guess I like it - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
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I guess I like it [Oct. 7th, 2004|10:10 am]
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I woke up at like 7am and posted those dreams from yesterday, and I was this close to scanning a doujinshi tale of Ohtori and Shishido but then it became 8am and I was already late. It's a tale of smex in the library or something. They're somewhere non-private, at least. It's very hott.
There's another story in that same anthology that is so angsty and sad I almost cried - I can't stand when Chotaroh cries. But the thing about that story is, they draw Shishido looking a LOT like Kimberly. I mean, a LOT. Like, I get stuck staring at Shishido for long periods of time just because he looks JUST like what Kimberly would look with short hair.
And then he makes Chotaroh cry, and I get all mad >( I mean, sure there's going to be some issues when Shishido graduates, but they'll work it out! They will! Gahhhh I must stop reading angsty doujinshi ;_;

The hell was the point of all this? What I have here is some pictures I stole from the internet. To be fair, I do have all the sites I steal from bookmarked, so eventually one day I may go back and note what sites did what. And no matter how cool they think it is, Picture-BBS with the drawy-thingy is not 'art'. I am sure others disagree with me, but considering it makes the prettiest pictures look crap, I'm going to stick to my opinion like gum.

So, although the first bit of this post is all ToriShishi luv, most of these pictures are Yamabuki luv. I think there's only one pic that's not, but it's a really good St Rudolph pic. You'll like it.

Yamabuki is love.

Yamabuki is love. Need colorbar. This doesn't count as stolen since I own the anthology it's in! Haha! Yey me! :D
Sadly, whatever tale it is that features Muromachi in next-to-nothing isn't in this book ;_;
Yamabuki is love.

Atobe AND Sengoku. Not just Atobe. Not just Sengoku. Atobe AND Sengoku.

Kimonos are sexy :D

Is that really the girl's uniform? Because it's much more tasteful than some jr. high girl's uniforms.
Especially when Minami and Sengoku are wearing 'em >D

Heh. Hot. In more ways than one ;)
I guess I like it.

I guess I like it.
I guess I like it.

Oh hell yeah. This is what I wish to dream of next time I sleep.

Well this is just cute ^^

Crossover is pwn. Minami is soooo much cooler than Roy. And Sengoku is better than Ed in almost every way. He could so call Ed chibi and kick his ass. FMA is better with Yamabuki in it.

They're gonna make out. Please.

I guess those are all his boyfriends. Making him lucky indeed!

You can see Sengoku's navel in that dress.

Akutsu and Sengoku. I really love this art style. If I was smarter, I'd put which website I got the image from on it, so I wouldn't have to dig thru my vast TeniPuri art site bookmarks folder.

Well isn't this pretty! That is a give-it-to-me-now look in Mizuki's eyes if I ever saw one.

Meet Yamabuki, page 1!

Meet Yamabuki, page 2!

If I recall correctly, that website is devoted entirely to Kita-kun. For real. Not making it up. I have yet to find a Muromachi website. Even a bad one.

I left my wallet in the car. I'mma go get it now.
I'm not insanedrop trou!

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Date:October 8th, 2004 - 08:38 am
Just how do you know what to post... I say there should be a National Smut day... Blowjobs and Cigarettes for all!