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Didja miss me? - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
We are all fuzzy robots.

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Didja miss me? [Oct. 11th, 2004|11:25 pm]
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|Kirihara Akaya (Rikkai) - It's alright]

Well I sure missed you. In a tribute to me, I present to you this vast array of screencaps. I didn't make up stories for these. Not good ones, anyway. Just captions.

So, ep 132 of PoT came out, the sub, and like... it was the weirdest chibi ep evar. Weird, I tell you. Weird.
(Oh and 'I spy with my little eye' wasn't weird. Shut up.)
WEIRD. But Tezuka is funnier in this episode than in any others. I should have screencapped him a few more times doing funny things. BUT IT WAS SO WEIRD. Also, there is no Akutsu or Shinji or Atobe in this episode. That's also weird. But there is Kirihara, and he's adorable :D

Don't you have anything but chibis, you ask? Of course I do! Let me tell you what's on the screencap menu for today. We have Rikkai, more Rikkai, and some more Rikkai. A couple of gratuitous Hyoutei and Seigaku, and what would a Val post be with no Yamabuki. Hey let's throw in a little Ibu Shinji for the pretty. (Someday, someday soon, I will screencap the Rokkaku eps. I adore Aoi and Dabide, and of course Saeki is very screencap-worthy. Be patient, young padowan.)
Mostly what we have here, though, is Rikkai love. Like 50 screencaps.

Chibis are awesome. But ... SO WEIRD!!!

This is Just Weird. Oishi is the mom. Inui is the dad. I'm ... almost squicked ¬¬

Did I mention there's no Akutsu in this episode? I was sad. And then chibi Kirihara tried to make up for the lack of chibi Akutsu. And he is well cute.

Ryouma is the oldest son. Of Oishi and Inui. Let's keep saying that, shall we? Oishi and Inui. Together. Making out.

Momo is the daughter. Of Oishi and Inui. Hey that reminds me of this book I used to have called Peach Boy. That book did not have Oishi and Inui together.

Aww, Kaidoh is the baby. Of Oishi and Inui.

Tezuka and Fuji are the grandparents. They live with Oishi and Inui. Who are married.

What, you didn't believe me that Inui was the daddy? Here's the proof! Oishi is the mommy and Inui is the daddy.

Oh and they have a kitty, which is Kikumaru (duh). He's always the kitty. Of Oishi and Inui.

Oishi and Inui. Together. In love. Yes I'm going to keep saying it until your brain is as broken as mine.

One big happy family. Oishi and Inui. Together.

Aww, chibi Kirihara really is just as cute as chibi Akutsu! I want one.

Not quite sure what kind of face he's making there. But it's cute!

Soooooo cute!! He just found out that Oishi and Inui are together. And married. And they make out. You probably made the same face when I first told you at the beginning of this section of chibi screencaps.

Actually Ryouma and Momo were being naughty, and he got all mad and went non-chibi. And freakish. I didn't screencap the freakish part. It was so weird! (I know I know. Pot-kettle.)

"I meant to do that."

Is that sour apple flavor? I hate sour apple flavor gum. I hope it's wintergreen or something. Not like I chew gum anyway...

This is the thing that Jiroh can do, too. Rising shot or something, like I know anything about it... which I don't. Looks good, though!

I can so see his navel! Yey!

So we'll file this one under the "not-modest" category, eh?

Hey, sexy!

Sengoku is yummy.

Yukimura sez "Even though I'm in the hospital and my team lost, I am happy because I am prettier than Ibu Shinji."


Renji, Nioh and Bunta agree that he's prettier than Shinji.

But who is prettier than Bunta?

*smacks Atobe over the head with the keyboard*
He's a pest ¬¬

Nioh sez "But what are you gonna do with your gum if you eat that! Swallow it?"

Akaya sez "Did he just say swallow? I hope he's talking about birds..."

Jackal is so very jealous of Akaya's pretty hair.

Oh he's so very cute. I don't know why everybody is mad at him.

Oh yeah, because he was being a world-class dick to Tachibana. But he's so cute! And he's got an adorable accent. Listen next time you watch this episode. Or when you watch 156. It's so cute!

I think he's going to purr in a minute.

Aaaand gratuitous back-of-the-head. Not even a very good back-of-the-head pic, but what can ya do. Good Fuji back-of-the-head, though.

And then he got all mad.

And then he got ... umm, I just said that. OK, yeah, he's irritated.

Now does this look like the face of an insane person to you? Really. I'm just not seeing it...

This is his tennis plan. He makes the opponent go all weak in the knees by being exceptionally sexy, then he smacks 'em in the weak knee with the ball. (He does. I'm not lying.)

So gratuitous I don't even have a caption. But I suck so here have this instead.

I can't seem to get a really good pic of up his shirt. Remember that one episode where Seigaku is all in the bath and stuff? We need an ep like that of Rikkai. And Yamabuki.

He was all "Oh crap!" because he missed.

And then he died.

And then we looked up his shorts while he was ded.

And then he came back to life and did this! Yey.

Knuckleball or something. He really does have the cutest accent. I could listen to it all day. Oh wait, I do :P

Oh so pretty.

I'm sure this is something bad-ass he's doing. I dunno what it is, though.

I want to touch his hair.

His eyes are like Christmas.

What is that, picking his nose or something? What's he doing? Maybe this is the new 'hi-sign'. Now there's a chibi ep I could go for, a Little Rascals takeoff where it's Rikkai (and not Seigaku for once).

Who wants gum? I do I do!
(Sheesh, Val, like anyone even remembers that. And it's a re-used caption. Wow, I am suck!)

"What do you mean, buchou and Ibu Shinji are prettier than me?"


Sitting on the ground with an incredulous look on his face.

And then he went all normal-like. (Still pretty)

Ohhh gratuitous Hyoutei watching. Gakuto is so cute in his school uniform.

"It's huge!"

He shouldn't make that face. Didn't he just say in the last screencap it was huge?

W00t! The back of Akutsu's head!

Must be love. Or it's Glomp Echizen day. He's so cute.

Arai sez "Aren't there any screencaps of me where I'm *not* making a goofy face?!"

I'm not insanedrop trou!

[User Picture]
Date:October 11th, 2004 - 10:19 pm
Wow...that...wow. With the chibi and the...wow...and...wow.


Do they not realize what they're doing when they do that? I uh, wow.


And I'm not clear why the fuzzy-headed mop-boy gets all in need of visine at certain times? Is that like, his powerup? Like in Bebop? Does it make him all crazy fast? Or he just can't see as well and for some reason he plays better because he's playin' with his feelings and not his eyes?

T^T I miss joo.

[User Picture]
Date:October 12th, 2004 - 10:25 am
Yeah whenever he gets really pissed off, his eyes go all red and he gets faster and better at tennis. Sorta like Bebop, but without drugs and ... with tennis. And he gets mean, like, he kept injuring people. Like, hospital injuries. With tennis. So, yeah, it's like Bebop! With tennis.