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I'm kinda stressed - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
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I'm kinda stressed [Oct. 17th, 2004|10:44 pm]
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Mechazawa recommends
|Kreva - Neiro]

Well, for me. It's hot in here, and not the good kind. So, I'll either be up all night cleaning the house so I can call the maintenance guy to come fix the AC tomorrow, or I'll be up all night making up stupid stories with screencaps. It's too hot to sleep with any kind of competency.

And why is it when it's fuckoff hot, that's when cats get really needy and want to sit on you with their warm fur that makes you sweat ><

SO for your first (and perhaps only!) installment, have some Rokkaku. I haven't watched the 8 or so things I downloaded yesterday so you won't see any of that here. I forgot what it all was anyway, Gundam Seed Destiny and KYou Kara Maoh, and some other random stuff I found on the internet. I don't have any of that screencapped. Or even watched. I just said that, didn't I.

Gonna be a long night ¬¬

Itsuki, Saeki, Aoi

Aoi asked Ryouma on a date. Ryouma sed "Yes".

Fuji and Saeki.
(Do I really need to say it?)

Isn't he pretty? Talk about fanservice. His whole *existence* is fanservice. (Not that I'm complaining)

Oishi's like "Damn. I want a piece o' that."

Profile, so you can see how he has black hair under the white hair.

Gratuitous Saeki back-of-the-head. He's not even in my list of favorite characters. He's just *that* pretty.

Fuji and Saeki. Now that's a big bag o' pretty there. Here's hoping there will eventually be some scene somehow featuring Yukimura and Shinji. That's the only pretty that could rival this pretty.

This is Dabide, or Davide, or something like that. His real name is Amane, I forgot to pay attention to where the nickname came from. He likes to tell really bad jokes. Puns. Really really bad ones. But they're not funny when you translate 'em, because puns don't translate. But believe me, they're bad. I love it XD

Then, like, he makes this face, a mean face, and tells a really really bad joke! And then he snerks! He's hilarious.

So, whenever Dabide tells a really bad joke, this happens. That's Kurobane, but the kids call him Bane-chan.
They're totally gonna make out.

Kentaroh is like "Hey let's make out! Right here in the racket shed thing!"

And so Ryouma is all "I don't think that's a good idea, someone might walk in."

So then Kentaroh is like "That's OK! I don't mind who knows!" And Ryouma goes all "..."
He wants to, though. He really does. He's just trying to be cool.

See, even in the bath, Ryouma is thinking of Aoi.

And then he's like "Don't tell me you showed up just for the tennis..."

And that made Ryouma blush.

Long story short, they did it all night, and then put their clothes back on and fell asleep under this tree.

And then Seigaku found them, and Momo was all jealous, because that's what he wanted to do with Echizen. But he just isn't as cute as Aoi.

Aww, he's so cute when he just wakes up after an all-night love-fest!

And Fuji and Saeki sed "Aww, we were young once! Isn't that cute? Hell yes it is. Let's go make out."

So then Echizen gets butterflies in his stomach whenever he sees Aoi chatting with his teammates, and he's like "I wonder if he'll notice me..."

And Kentaroh DOES notice him, and gives him the thumbs-up, which in a secret code they developed sometime during the night means "I love you, baby!"

And then Ryouma was like "Oh no, he saw me!" and it was well cute. Just like jr. high school romance should be!

And so then they played tennis or something, I dunno, I wasn't watching that part.

And behind Ryouma, on that tree, it sez RYOUMA + KENTAROH 4-EVAR

They are jealous that there's not a tree that sez BANE + DABIDE 4-EVAR

And then another bad pun was made, and someone got smacked on the hed.
And then they made out.

I'm not insanedrop trou!