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I'm not quite done posting inane shit in my journal. Here's more… - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
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[Oct. 20th, 2004|01:59 am]
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Mechazawa recommends
|Porno Graffitti - Sister]

I'm not quite done posting inane shit in my journal.

Here's more stolen arts. I know where I got 'em from! Don't look at me like that! I got 'em from the internet. (Seriously, I can trace everything. If you wanna know a site just ask)

There's also some screencaps in here. And like, click on the image for full size, or for something near full size, or something. I am lazy tonight.

You know what? Prince of Tennis is way better than FMA. Know how I know? Because they're on like, episode 157, and it doesn't suck ass. Sure some of the plots are a little shaky, but so were the Toei Dragonball plots, and yet we still watched it. OK yeah, the whole Buu thing was dumb, but ... not in a "I would like to kill whoever made this up" dumb. Just like, "Eh, dragonball, lemme know when they go back to ep 1 on repeats." Toriyama really is a genius. There's a big difference in lame and asshattery. I just like that word, asshattery. Sounds like a really terrible marketing idea, don't it. Dontit. Donut. How about the asspatisserie. Don't go there, eh.

OK, so like, what the hell was I talking about? I swear there's pictures after this word-stuff. Keep patience. In a box labelled 'mokusei'. I don't even know what that means (OK I know what mokusei means, it means Jupiter the planet.)
Oh yeah. I dunno who my favoritist favorite character is. So, here, you help me decide!

Really the question is between these first three here. Akutsu is obviously mad sexy, and he's a bit of a bastard. Actually, he's literally a bastard, isn't he. OK I don't really know his life story, but considering Greed and Kimberly are his real parents, he must be. Otherwise, it would mean Greed and Kimberly got married. And that makes me think of Kimberly in a wedding dress.

I just adore Kirihara. He's like, all cute, and yet all mad insane, and sorta has no sense of propriety, and just does what he feels like doing. Not really thinking about consequences or anything. Then he gets embarrassed. And he says inappropriate things and then he's like "Just kiddin!"
He's probably my favorite.

Maybe Sengoku is my favorite. He's all fun and mellow and sexy. And lucky, can't forget that adjective. And he's flirty, in a cute and fun way. He probably really is the whore of Yamabuki ^^ and Hyoutei if we're lucky ;)
Damn he's cute.

Bunta is mad cool. I know I like Akutsu, Kirihara, and Sengoku better, but there's no denying how damned adorable Bunta is. Like most of Rikkai, he has a huge ego and doesn't mind telling you. He's mad 1337, and he tells what a genius he is. I do that all the time, so I can relate :D
BuntaxAnybody is hott.

Gakuto is also very cute. And jumpy. And snarky as hell. Snarky is good. He really is kindof a girl, but not. And the flippy thing is mad cool. And he's always like "You suck! Hah!" and that's funny. OK he doesn't really say that, but that's what he means.

OK, yes, I need more Yamabuki screencaps. I really adore Muromachi. And the jimmies. I would have to say Muromachi is cooler than the jimmies, but then, Minami is pretty damn cool. I need more Muromachi screencaps. He needs more screen time. I drew a picture of him but it's not finished yet. I'll upload it later.

Maybe it's because one of my favorite websites is the Kita page, but I am beginning to love him. He and Atobe have almost the same hairstyle. They should make out. He's just so damn cute. I think I'll add him to the Muromachi picture somehow. He and Muromachi should make out. They're both 2nd years.

Talk about cute. Jiroh has no ego whatsoever. He says exactly what he thinks, and not in a bad way. He's one guy who likes to have a good time all the time, so he makes it that way. Or he sleeps. The sleeping is hella cute. And how could you hate a guy who's THIS escited when he just lost pathetically? So damn cute.

Of all the Seigaku players, Fuji really is the coolest. He's like, all nice, but really he's sadistic as hell. He can get mean, too, like he did to Akaya, but when he's nice, he's uber nice. And all soft spoken. Those are the scary ones, you know! Plus here's the back of Jiroh's head.

The opposite of soft spoken. I can't say I wouldn't refer to myself as ore-sama if I was Japanese. I like me as much as Atobe likes himself. He really is very gay, but as a yaoi fan I can dig it. He's very pretty, too, so it's all good. And you know he's a major slut, Jiroh, Oshitari, Kabaji, Sengoku, Tezuka, etc etc ;D

Dabide is just funny. He really doesn't care that no one else appreciates his bad humor, it's funny to him and therefore he says it. Look at his hair. I want to touch it. He's mad sexy, and so is Bane, and together, they're mad sexy.

I just absolutely adore Kentaroh. He's all enthusiastic and doesn't really notice how other people react to him. He's just himself, all the time, and hisself is really really cute. Bad haircut, though.

Mizuki is hilarious. He's another one with a huge ego, but he really doesn't deserve it. Notice none of the other databoys are in my list of faves? That's because I agree with Ryouma, it's annoying. But Mizuki is such a fuckup that he's funny. I know, you're thinking "He's not a fuckup, he just didn't know some stuff!" but he really IS a fuckup. It's not that he's not smart, he just doesn't use his smart wisely, and so he ends up a fuckup. A cute fuckup. He is sooooo in love with Yuuta.

OK, not only is Shinji just damn pretty, he's really laid-back and he speaks his internal monologue. That's just cute. Especially when Tachibana stops him, he goes "Shinji!" and Shinji shuts up and goes "Sorry..." He would just keep talking if someone didn't stop him, I think. Cute talking, not annoying talking like I do. Think about this. If I didn't have a journal, I'd have to TELL you all these things! And you'd be enraptured by the sound of my voice! Just like I am!

Well damn. Ohtori and Shishido. OK Gakuto is in this pic, too, but I'm talkin bout teh OTP. You down with OTP? Yeah you know me. Haha, I am so witty, using lyrics from 10 years ago!
The point is, Ohtori is like, to die for adorable. And Shishido just can't resist the cuteness. Could you? Hell no! No one can resist puppies. Ohtori is like a puppy. But without the chewing and the pissing on the floor. We hope.

And so, like, there's all my favorite characters. I know you couldn't have gone another day without knowing that. No, there's no Jousei Shounan players there. That's cuz they suck. OK, really, I just didn't think they were that cool. Wakato looks like the bird-lookin guy from Cyborg 009, I think he was 002. If Wakato is the guy I'm thinking about. You know the one, the guy who looks like Cyborg 002! I just said that!
I know what you're thinking. You're thinking "D00d. You forgot Sanada and Kikumaru and all of St Rudolph and Kamio and Inui and ..." But the truth is, I don't think they're all that. OK I forgot Nitobe. I suck. I'll add him to the post I make later when I screencap 157 and cry because Akaya is gonna lose ;_; (I haven't seen it yet, so that's not a spoiler yo, just I know the plotz in these things, yes. Don't we all. OK I really don't, I sorta suck at it, because I would have done something different. Kevin sucks. I seen him. Him and Bobby. Suck. Each other. There have THAT mental image, because Akaya is going to lose and that makes me grumpy >(

Here, have some pretty pictures. I forgot one. I suck. It was a good one, too, from the Kita website. Go look at it.

Is he biting? I hope he's biting. Tell me he's biting. Yes.

Aww, man, SengokuxMuromachi. It's SO CUTE. The problem with Sengoku (and with Marui and Jiroh) is that he's great with ANYBODY. So like, he ends up being a total slut in the bizarre fantasies in my mind XD

Oi NOW who's the slut, eh?

Oh how I love this. If anyone can read it and translate, I would be very grateful. (click on image for full size or something) Sadistic Muromachi is pwn.

Nekkid! And sadistic! Or something. I adore these, someone translate? Please?

Also, can the entire Yamabuki team just have a big friggin orgy? It would make me very very happy.

OK you have to admit, cheshire cat Akutsu is pretty damn cute. And holy crap! Finally, Taichi in a dress!

See? See? (See what?) I dunno. I like them.

Bunta and *anybody*. But especially Kirihara, because he is teh smex.
Note the candy.

Geez, I don't even know what I was saying in there. But by God you needed to hear it, missy! And this, you can't live without this tid-bit.
There's not a single Porno Graffitti song that I don't like. And honestly, I think Sister might be their best song evar. I know you disagree, but like, it's so cool. Although I really do feel like Akihito is accusing me of something, when he says "anata" in that song. Does anyone know what it's about? I still like it, even if it's about doghumping. Wow, I just made up the word 'doghumping'. I made up a word that means "to sex up a canid". I suppose if dogs were doghumping it wouldn't be that weird, would it.
Look, POINT is, Porno Graffitti is a great band. I think they're my favorite after Aiko. Aiko pwnz all.
I'm not insanedrop trou!