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Gahhhhh. PoT 157 - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
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Gahhhhh. PoT 157 [Oct. 21st, 2004|12:33 am]
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I'm gonna sulk. Then, I'm gonna draw a doofy comic of Muromachi without shades making fun of Kita's haircut, and take screencaps and post them to the internet.

OK, like, that was stupid. But we all saw it coming. Sheesh. At least we got some almost good scenes of Kirihara with no shirt on. Sadly, the artists seemed to be struggling a bit so it's not as good as it could have beem. Damn, it was stupid. Also, news bulletins scrolled across the screen almost the whole episode. I'm sure it had something to do with the typhoon they had yesterday. It was still annoying. And Kirihara not winning was annoying. And the lame-ass plot device they used so that Echizen would get to play Kevin was stupid. Tokubetsu rule. And sheesh can they say the words "Tokubetsu rule" a few more times? I don't think I caught it the first 150.

OK, it was an expected plot, just executed kinda poorly, and sorta like, the same plot as another plot we had before. Like, the outcome was normal, but the setup was like, stupid as hell. Well, ok, not that stupid. But pretty stupid. Or I'm just bitter because Kirihara didn't win, like we knew he wouldn't. Doesn't make it less depressing, especially since he got some major injury.

On the bright side, I understood most of this episode. That either means I'm getting better and Japanese understandery, or the script is getting down to a kindergarten level. Horio is a dumbass, but at least he's funny. (I mean, speaking of kindergarten.)

Anyway, on to today's stories.

Seating Chart
More of a discussion and analysis than a story, really.

Here we are last week, Nioh and Bunta are sitting together, because they are *cough* best friends.

Sitting on the other side of Bunta is his doubles partner, Jackal.

Sitting next to Nioh is his doubles partner, Yagyuu. So, from left to right, it would be Yagyuu, Nioh, Bunta, and Jackal. That we know of.

Now, even though a week has passed in my world, only about 15 minutes have passed in anime-time. So, they're still sitting together, Nioh and Bunta. Because they haven't really had time to sneak out for a quickie.

And yet, inexplicably, everyone else has changed seating! They weren't even watching Akaya play! They were busy playing chinese firedrill in the stands!

Actually there's only one esplanation for this. It started when Jackal had to go pee. He got up to go pee, and while he was up Yagyuu slid over to Jackal's seat, because Nioh was getting on his nerves. Renji, who apparently had been sitting on the other side of Yagyuu, felt alone sitting so far from his friends, so he moved over to be next to his buddy Nioh. What he doesn't know is that he irritates Nioh somethin fierce. OK I made that up, but it's fun. So anyway, when Jackal returns from the terlet, the only seat left is Renji's old seat.
All of this happened in 15 minutes. And then it esploded.

The Almighty Tallest

I am like, so taller than you.

I am so tall I don't fit on the page and skywriting gets in my eyes.

Do not overlook the merits of my tallness.

Kirihara. You're very small. You're a tiny thing. You're as small as a speck of dirt that no one can see and they step on you.

But I'm drinking milk! Milk builds strong bones and helps me grow, and the next time you see me...

Doctor: Kirihara. You can't grow tall from using medieval torture devices. All it does is stretch out your navel, which is sexy.

YOU LIE. I know it works! I saw it on Ed, Edd & Eddy! I'll prove it!

Sanada: Gasp! Tezuka! What are you doing with my hot little piece of ... teammate!

Tezuka: I'm innocent, I swear!

Kirihara: Look, I'm nearly as tall as Tezuka now.

Sanada: Wow, Akaya, you really DID get taller. Don't you think so Nurse Fuji?

Doctor: Don't encourage him!

Haha. I'm so much taller now. Echizen is still short. I wim!

This is just fucked up.

I am so sexy I could DIE.

And then he died.


I will eet j00r BRAINZ...

That is like, SO not funny. Now I'm all scared and stuff. I wanna go home.

Aww, I was just playin around...

Sure baby, I'll take you home.
(cue slow turn to reveal...)

Cuz this is Thrillah! Thrillah night!

Holy crap, that got weird. I should go to bed earlier. I'm freakish this late at night.

Next time I think I'll do a musical. I SO have the perfect screencaps in mind for "Carousel", but "A Chorus Line" might be funnier. Or maybe Pirates of Penance or whatever (haha penance)... why do I have Fantastiks songs stuck in my head now! Musicals suck!

A cookie to anyone who can list *every* reference I've used in this post, including the one in the lj-cut tag. You'll never get that one. You know, references are like a substitute for talent. I suck.

Also, find the unintended misspelled word. It's pretty funny. I'mma leave it that way.
I'm not insanedrop trou!

[User Picture]
Date:October 21st, 2004 - 01:04 am
Wait...your leaders are just...taller than everybody else?

Oh, now, that is just sad.

[User Picture]
Date:October 21st, 2004 - 04:25 am
Bwahahaha! nurse Fuji!!
*dies of laughter*

[User Picture]
Date:January 10th, 2009 - 07:51 am
... I can't think of the lj-cut tage -fails- but I saw some Michael! Jackson! in there :3 (I can just imagine Akaya doing the dance no XD)

and yes I always put exclaimation points after Michael! Jackson!