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So, while I was surfing the net looking for pretty things, I found… - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
We are all fuzzy robots.

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[Oct. 22nd, 2004|12:21 pm]
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So, while I was surfing the net looking for pretty things, I found some great Engrish. I also found some pretty things. Behind the cut there are pretty things and funny Engrish.

But here, have some websites:
The Kita page This site just pwnz. I'm jealous of the artist.
Happy People Click on the flashy banner thing and then click on the 2nd question mark. Warning: the flash or whatever that's used for the scrolly in the frame thing has a tendency to crash Firefox. Or, it's just me and I suck. But there's an odd section of comics of Sengoku and Minami married. It's very cute and yet so odd!
I dunno the name of this site but it's got really cute cute Nangoku stuffs on it.
Strawberry & Honey-pie If that don't tell you there's becuteness within, I dunno what would.
Banana-kikaku web I dunno what the title means, but they draw so cute I might die. For real. Deth.
Analog shibu they draw Nangoku AND torishishi! It's not all that, but the comics are well funny :D
komatsudaya Lots and lots of pictures yey!

OK that's all the websites I'm going to tell you about now. Look, click this cut-tag. There's pretty AND engrish back here, and sometimes both!

Did I mention this website? Oh, I did? Good. Go there.
I wish I drew enough and good to have my own website of cool art. But I don't. <3 Kita.

Look, it's Wakato and Shuichi. Just kidding! It's 002 and 009. Randomly, because I mentioned that show yesterday.

Impure homogeneous friend.
Umm... the hell does that mean?! I'm sure when I make up a Japanese sentence, it makes about as much sense as this one. Wait that can't be a sentence.
Impure Homogeneous Friend. Really, I can't even bend that into something even almost sensible. Yet, somehow, I want milk now...

Does it have a sex with me?
That depends, is it scary and slightly disturbing? And what is "it"? Sadly, this really old anachronism that is me just answered with Faith No More lyrics. But wait, I'm not done discussing this! Really, what is this 'it' that might have a sex with ... I guess that's what Sengoku is saying, so he's the 'me' in that sentence... pronoun trouble eh.
If 'it' refers to this can of cashews, then the answer is no. There is not a sex in this can. If 'it' is the room I've locked the bad cat in, then the answer is probably no, but you never know with a bad cat.
The real ponderable here is that I would think you would *know* if a thing had a sex with you. That's not normally the sort of thing that one can remain oblivious to. A more appropriate question would be "WILL it have a sex with me." There's definitely room for questioning the future. And I suppose if mass quantities of alcohol were involved, another plausible question might be "Did it have a sex with me." Like if he woke up next to I dunno, a giraffe or something. "Whoa, holy crap. What is that thing. And did it have a sex with me?"
And that brings up another question. What, exactly, is 'a' sex? One. Only one. Suppose if you used it to mean gender, that might make sense, but this clearly implies sexual acts. Er, act. One. A sex. One.
"Hey, this movie about your life just came out on DVD."
"Cool. Does it have a sex with me?"
"Look if you're going to ask stupid questions, at least don't make that face while you do so."

Why? No reason.

I'm such a sucker for teh wub ^^

Somewhere in there is Japnaese for "ZOMG I can see up his shirt!"
Hey I'd nosebleed, too.

That's all the oddness I have right now. After work I'll work on a musical number. Or something. You love posts like these, I can see it in your eyes.
I'm not insanedrop trou!