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Obligatory - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
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Obligatory [Oct. 27th, 2004|01:45 am]
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Mechazawa recommends
|a-ki-retenai-ka-i (thats a lyric, not a title. I'm hyper.)]

OK, like, I made a new LJ layout. It's different for comment page vs. regular page. Check it out here. I'm mad proud of it, because I made it myself :D You probably hate it. And what's with the pink?! Why are both my LJs now pink?! OK technically the other one is more orange than pink. But I've been told it's pinkish. This one is definitely pink.

But in good news, I did *not* end up buying "Angora Time", although I'm still considering it. I like to own weird things.

Anyway, I scanned a few pages from the anthology I scanned this bgimage from. It's a Hiyoshi story, and completely work-safe. There's not even any BL in it. It's just a good gag. And like, I scanned it 2-pages per page-thingy, so like, they're large in size, the pages, but normal in size as far as files. Two pages of doujinshi humor.

OK, so like, it's the future, and Hiyoshi is captain of the Hyoutei tennis club. So like, he's walkin out to play, and everybody's chanting stuff, just like when Atobe went out, and they're chanting different things when he gives cues, just like Atobe did. Like, "Hyoutei will win! The winner will be Hiyoshi!" you know, just like when Atobe did.

So then they're chanting "The winner will be--" and he cuts them off (just like Atobe did) but instead of saying "ME" like Atobe, he sez ... that word I forgot how it's said, but a rough translation would be "underdog". You know, that word he likes to say. I can't remember how to say it. Then Atobe's like "feh." Jiroh's chanting :D
Hiyoshi makes a pretty good Atobe, don't he :D

And while I'm on a caffeine rush - major rush, mind you, like, can't hardly sit still and sorta shaking - that's what I get for drinking two ginormous coffees late in the day plus a Pibb Xtra. Also Lotus Notes crashed hard, and now I have to reboot the laptop. The laptop that is all sorts of busted anyway.
BUT that's not what I meant to be talking about. I'm hyper, and IM hates me, for real - that reminds me, if you try to IM me and I suddenly go offline or don't respond? It's not me ignoring or anything, it's my IM program. It hates me. For real. Even when I use a different client it hates me.
BUT that's not what I want to TALK about! Sheesh! First off, PoT 158 will be lame, because Kirhara already didn't win, and that sucks. And it was stupid. I shouldn't bitch so much, it wasn't half as stupid as FMA ending.


Oh btw, go rent/buy Onmyoji. It's a movie. From Japan. It's awesome. It has demons in it, and scary things, and a badass guy who defeats them... it's so mega. Go see it.


OK, Val, what DO you want to talk about? Will you talk about it already?
YES. Look. This is not - hey you guys who went to Onicon or whatever it's called (demon-con? schweet!), was it cool? I should have gone. We sorta farted around playing videogames all weeke-- THAT IS NOT WHAT I WANT TO TALK ABOUT.

Well spit it out already!

You know who I thought was not cool but lately I think he might be cool (yes this is tenipuri related, I read lots of doujinshi ok)?
OH before I forget, I bought like, ALL KINDS of new manga. I haven't read it yet, some of it I'd never even heard of but I liked the cover art so I bought it. I can't even remember the names of it now. And even the manga I bought from series I'm reading, I haven't read those either. And why are Dark Horse manga so espensive compared to Viz? It's crizzazy.
Back to what I wanted to talk about. I have decided that Oishi is actually cool. I don't know how he could possibly be cool, considering he's kinda boring and like, has a really bad haircut, but yet, he's cool. I might scan some really gorgeous Oishi/Eiji smex from a different anthology than the one I posted tonight, it's Special Cat I think for those of you who know circles. I got some really weird stuff, and some really gorgeous stuff. There's this one MEGA BIG doujinshi that is like, all monkey-hedz. And I bought it for the monkey hedz, because I kept laughing every time I saw the ... more like apes, really. Apes. And another really weird art style that I just got intrigued by. And there's one book all about "usagi pheromones". I kid you not, bunnies. Ryouma is a bunny, and Fuji is a bunny, and then later in the book everyone Fuji kisses grows bunny ears... it's hella weird but OH so cute. There's another story that is too long to scan because I'm lazy but it's really funny - Oshitari is doing that one move that Fuji does that I forgot what it's called, it's the other one besides Higuma Otoshi and Tsubame Gaeshi. The one he does vs Jiroh. Anyway, Oshitari is doing that and trying to be cool, but he keeps being *non* cool, like, he puts his hand up to grab the ball that bounces back to him, but instead it smacks him in the face. It's well funny ^^

ANYWAY. I have decided that Oishi is cool. Not as cool as Kirihara and Sengoku and Akutsu and Marui and Jiroh and Dabide - OH that reminds me. My friend Brian told like, the WORST joke I've ever heard. And I'm going to repeat it for you.
"Once you start going downhill, you can't stop, like a domino effect. Unless it's Blueberry Hill, then that would be a Fats Domino effect."

OK fine most of you don't get that joke, but I got it, and let me tell you, I was NOT laughing. Sometimes Brian's horrible jokes are funny, but that one stunk like last week's sweatsocks. Not that I wear socks, I don't. Yes my pleather shoes smell odd. Shut up.

Bed now.
I'm not insanedrop trou!

[User Picture]
Date:October 27th, 2004 - 11:30 pm
lol! he says - 'Gekokujou da!' XD

cool layout btw.

[User Picture]
Date:November 1st, 2004 - 11:43 pm
There are too many japanese words that start with g, end with 'ou', and have k's in them!