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Gratuitous, feel free to skip - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
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Gratuitous, feel free to skip [Nov. 3rd, 2004|10:38 am]
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[I'm all | French (dunno what it means)]

Don't blame me, I voted cute.

So, I'm going in Monday to see if they can do laser eye surgery on me, and I'm sure they'll say they can, but how much is it going to cost. I have to do it this year because I haven't used any of my vision benefits and there's money there. No one will tell me how much it costs, either. I've heard everything from $1,000 to $9,000. Nine thousand dollars is half a car. But they do have a lifetime guarantee...

But that's not important right now. I'm a little bummed about the election results, so I figure some mad fangirling might make me feel better. I'm overdue for something like this anyway.

Click on 320 for full 640 size piccy.
I just realized a bunch of screencaps I'm missing. I will have to cap them later this evening. But instead, I'll download 159 raw and screencap that. (but only the Kirihara and Sengoku parts, really, the plot is lame-ass right now)

OK this is Dan Taichi. He's not a girl. He goes to Yamabuki Jr High. See that sweatband he's got? He got that from Akutsu. He kinda does really have a mad crush on Akutsu, but since I don't support that pairing I'll pretend he doesn't. Anyway, green headband. From Akutsu. They're like best friends. (And nothing more.) I used to think Dan was uber-uke, but you know, he might be shota but he's no uke.

Arai does not go to Yamabuki, but he also has a green sweatband that Akutsu gave him. Somewhere on my HD is a nice screencap of Akutsu grabbing Arai by the face. I'll upload that later. Arai also has a mad crush on Akutsu, but only in my mind. As soon as I can convince the Akutsu in my head that there is something about Arai that he likes, they will make out. In my mind.

This was right before the face-grabbing incident. Damn he's pretty. He's also slightly high strung. And, he's uber-uke. What, you doubt me? You think because he's a big tough guy that he's all Mr. Seme? You'd be wrong. Although he'd certainly seme Arai. Here's a short list of people who seme'd Akutsu at some point (in my mind): Dan, Sengoku, Ryouma, Kawamura, Jiroh (hey it's my mind, you be quiet), and Atobe.

Sengoku is the Yamabuki sex god. I sed that in that one survey. Because it's true. I can't decide what the Sengoku OTP is because EVERYBODY looks good with Sengoku. Plus they all like him. Everybody likes him. He's one of those guys it's impossible not to like. Also? He's teh hottness. More on this later.

This is Muromachi. He also is in the Yamabuki club. He's mad 1337, but he never gets to play on-screen. Hence his lament in the subtitle. He has a crush on Sengoku, but I can't blame him. I do, too.

Does this picture look blurry to you? Then you need glasses. Haha, just kidding, it's blurry for some reason. The reason being that I suck at screencapping.
Anyway, here's Minami, he's the captain of the Yamabuki tennis club, and his doubles partner Higashikata. Minami and Sengoku are like, an adorable couple. You should see it. Muromachi gets all sad when he sees it, because he wanted some of that. I'm making this up. In an alternate universe in my mind, Sengoku and Minami are not together, but Minami wishes they were, and that's why he gets uber-pissed when Sengoku calls them "jimmies". Then he cries. Not really. Because Higashikata is there to comfort him. In a sexy way.

Here's a somewhat better picture of them. But only somewhat. They ended up losing against Oishi and Kikumaru. Everyone in that scene was making fun of everyone else's haircut. Then they all made out.

This is Nitobe. He hangs out with Kita. They like to make fun of Atobe, but we all know that Kita and Atobe make out. Nitobe does not know that, though, and he would be aghast if he did.

This is Kita. See how his hair does the flippy thing like Atobe's hair does? That's because they are IN LOVE. What, you doubt me? Why else would he always talk smack about him? Kita is very cute.

See? Atobe (he is not in the Yamabuki tennis club) has the same flippy hair that Kita does. And so, Kita and his friends from Yamabuki were watching Atobe play against Tezuka, and then Atobe sez "Ore-sama no bigi ni yoi na!" He's hoping Kita is watching, because he's about to show his navel.

And then Kita's like "I'm Atobe. LOOKIT MY PRETTY!" and Nitobe is like "D00d. You suck at that." But then they decide next time they play they are going to act like that, too, and maybe get more screen time that way.

And then Dan is like "You guys sorta suck at being Atobe." And they're... really cute!! I mean, look at how much cute is in this picture! It's almost kitten-cute! I want a Yamabuki jacket-thingy.

In another part of the galaxy, Akutsu gets a ball in the face courtesy of Echizen's "Drive A". Drive A = ball in face. That sounds a lot dirtier than it actually is. Don't nobody say the word 'teabag', either, or you'll get smacked.

Well this IS cute. I know I've used this picture numerous times, but it's getting cuter each time. Muromachi is just SO cute. Do you think they're gonna make out? Because I'm thinking I might dig that.

This scene is just prior to a cuddling scene. In my mind. Green is my favorite color. This picture is full of that color. Also, it's cute. I'm getting very sleepy.

OK, like, here's Akutsu on his ass. He's still mad sexy. If he moves his hand a little to one side, we'll be able to see up his shorts but good.

I like his eyebrows. That's the original caption. I'm running out of things to say because I'm sleepy. It's all nice and cool outside, like 50 degrees or something.

This is completely gratuitous. I keep using this picture, too, but that's because you like it. Everybody likes it.

Wow, he sure is pretty for a tough guy, isn't he. Also? He was looking up Sengoku's shirt in that last cap. And he was thinking to himself "I want a piece of that."
And he'll get it, too. In my mind. And in doujinshi.

Well no matter how smexy Akutsu is, I just got an email from John Kerry, and it made me all depressed and sad. Even though it was probably his publicist who wrote it. It said "I know you are sad, but if you stare at pictures of Akutsu I promise you'll feel better soon."
See, even John Kerry admits that Akutsu is hott.

He's laughing because Echizen told a funny joke. I can't repeat it here, because it's dirty.

See, this looks like a fence or something keeping Dan and Akutsu in, but actually, it's keeping them out. Of the ape exhibit. Because we all know what happened last time and no one wants a repeat of that incident.

I forgot why I included this picture in the selection of pictures to include. Maybe it's because Sengoku is very very hott.

If that's not a come-get-it-baby look I dunno what is. He is so cute. But that uniform isn't half as sexy as the green one.

Some pictures require no captions. But I suck so I'm making one anyway. They're all going to the showers together. I had a better story regarding this picture earlier, it involved Kirihara and Sengoku in the shower, but I forgot it now.

Again, caption not required. It's still the perfect screencap. Look at the shocked look on Atobe's face and the slight embarrassment on Sengoku's face. I could go on and on about this picture. Also, look how close they're standing. I mean, that's CLOSE. That's lover close. They can't get much closer with their clothes on.
>( Kita's going to be jealous. But >D teh HOTT SMEX! But >( Kita's going to be jealous. But >D BEHOTTNESS.

Aww, see? now Minami and Muromachi are jealous, because they really do love Sengoku. Or, they're offended because of Kikumaru's openness. And even tho Higashikata is acting all smoove, like he doesn't care, he's highly embarrassed.
They are so cute. I guess that's really the point here, they're just cute. The whole team. But especially Sengoku, Akutsu, Dan, Muromachi, Minami, and Kita.

Now wasn't that fun? I think I've convinced myself of Kita/Atobe and Muromachi/Dan. I don't even have a good reason to think up mad pairings anyway, not like I'm gonna write fanfic or something... although I am enjoying the mental images. Seriously. Muromachi/Dan. That's GOTTA be kitten cute. Click on that link at the top of this post for some kitteny goodness.
I'm not insanedrop trou!

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Date:November 3rd, 2004 - 11:43 pm
ooooooooooooooooooh, yamabuki! *DIES*

...*Am still laughing at your crack pairings. (Although I reeeeally have a thing for MuromachixDan... once Dan's a little older. And if my crackmuses were behaving, I'd so be trying to write AkutsuxArai now....)

And : Well no matter how smexy Akutsu is, I just got an email from John Kerry, and it made me all depressed and sad. Even though it was probably his publicist who wrote it. It said "I know you are sad, but if you stare at pictures of Akutsu I promise you'll feel better soon."
See, even John Kerry admits that Akutsu is hott.
is complete LOVE!!!!!

*Bows to the Awesome of this post.* XP

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Date:November 4th, 2004 - 11:10 am
Ahh yeah in the future, like, when Muromachi is captain of the tennis club and Dan is a starter, and Kita is D1!!