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still at work. yup. [Nov. 11th, 2004|03:16 pm]
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I wrote something really stupid.

It's crack. G-rated crack.

Warning: this is not written well. But it's not as bad as that Scar x Rose I made up that one time (even though that badness was intentional). Ooh, wait! This badness is intentional, too! Sure it is! Anything you see that's poorly written? Yeah I meant to do that. (I need an icon that says that.)

Title Goes Here

A giant monster at least 8 stories tall was once again terrorizing the streets of downtown Tokyo. It was not Godzilla, it was a scary monster with tentacles and two heads, one of which was pastede on. The heads looked like really ugly dog heads, but one of them was pastede on.
Thousands of witless and not-so-witless citizens fled in panic, except for the not-so-witless, they more or less left in an orderly manner. And they screamed "HELP US, POWERPUFF GIRLS!"
The cry for help was so resonant that everyone in the prefecture could hear it. And it echoed across the entire island, "HELP US, POWERPUFF GIRLS!" and still the monster continued to ravage the downtown area, including Pokemon Center Tokyo which was having a sale.
After stocking up on Jirachi cards (the monster was the hometown champion of Pokemon TCG and did not want to lose his title) the monster ate some guys and continued his march through the city in a new direction because he wanted a latte.

Meanwhile, at a juice bar on the other side of town that has absolutely nothing to do with Power Rangers I swear, the two cute and sexy Hyoutei tennis players Gakuto and Yuushi (they are on a given-name basis and therefore so am I) were arguing about juice.
"I don't want juice!" Gakuto pouted cutely.
"I don't want juice, either!" Yuushi agreed.
"Let's go get a latte!"
So it was not an argument at all.
Suddenly, in the middle of the non-argument, the voices of the frightened tonwsfolk could be heard. "HELP US, POWERPUFF GIRLS!"
This being the third time the landscape echoed with that sentiment, the cute and sexy tennis boys decided they had had enough.
"Shut up about the stupid Powerpuff girls already!" Gakuto yelled to the entire city.
The entire city replied, "But teh monster!"
"There's no such thing as Powerpuff girls!" Yuushi yelled back to them.
The entire city yelled again, "Then you become superheroes and defeat teh monster and save the day!"
And so Gakuto and Yuushi jumped into mid-air and did a transformation move that involved some slight nudity, and became superheroes. So, as superheroes, they knew that the monster was going to Starbuck's. So they also went to Starbuck's to intercept it. At first it looked like the two-headed tentacled monster was going to order two beverages, but then it remembered that the second head was not real. So it only ordered one. The clerk at the Starbuck's nearly had a heart attack, but then the superheroes Gakuto and Yuushi showed up hooray!
And then everyone had a latte including the monster, and Oishi and Kikumaru were well jealous because they are not superheroes (and also they did not get a latte).

The end.

I'm not insanedrop trou!

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Date:November 11th, 2004 - 03:00 pm
Yes, feel the burn, Golden Pair! *cackles.* ^_^

Mmmm, lattes....