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Man, I'm bored. - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
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Man, I'm bored. [Dec. 24th, 2003|08:44 am]
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Real bored. So bored that I know if I make another raditzsex post, people are gonna start taking me off their friends list. It's best that when I'm bored I post about animated television anyway.

I do fully intend to make this journal paid, if only for the usericons. So, look here, look. See the icon called "faye4 by fritters"? That's the one I would be using. It's a good icon for this song.
If I was home, I could make more FLCL icons. Maybe I'll add some text to the Faye icon. Which is totally against my nature, but I'm REALLY bored. I'm drawing some random person that is just a collection of some of my pencil technique ideas. I have a great idea for new fanart, but it's gonna take some doing.
So, you may be asking "Why all the fan- stuff? Why no original stuff?" and the answer is because I am hyper about having my ideas or my artwork stolen. I was so paranoid about one script I wrote that I would disconnect the computer from the internet, write the script, save it to CD, then delete every single possible instance of that script that might be on the hard drive, take the CD out, and reconnect the PC. And I don't mean click on something and say disconnect. I physically removed the LAN cable. See? Hyper.
Why am I so hyper? Because on a regular basis, I will see something I though of or discussed with friends on television or movies. Right before the movie Looney Tunes: Back in Action came out (or a couple months prior), I had just started a script called "The Blue Monkey", which was about a cursed jewel called the blue monkey. (OK, you have to have seen the movie to realize it's about a jewel called the blue monkey that has magic powers.)
I know this must be coincidence, because the movie was written prior to being produced, and thus it had to be written before I began my script. But see, this sort of thing happens so often that I am hyper to protect myself from feeling slighted. If I go to that great length to keep others from seeing my work, then no one could possibly have seen it. Therefore, I can rest assured that it is convergent idea evolution.

Anyway, some tips on pencil drawing. Block so that it resembles the object enough to tell what/who it is. If something looks odd in the blocking, it will look odd in the final sketch. If you want to draw something that is difficult to draw, draw something similar that is easy to draw first. (The if you wanna draw Gundam, start with toasters rule.) The little things matter.

I'm still bored. Hopefully I'll come up with an anime rant or something for after this smoke break.

I'm not insanedrop trou!

Date:December 24th, 2003 - 03:49 pm
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You can comment here, if you're feeling nice.

Happy holidays, and spread the word!