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Nearly forgot! - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
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Nearly forgot! [Nov. 29th, 2004|05:56 pm]
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[I'm all | Those aren't plot bunnies.]
Mechazawa recommends
|Porno Graffitti - Shiawase ni tsuite honki dashite etc etc]

This subtitle made my hed esplode. From a HK DVD rip of this ep.

I can't even begin to comprehend a possible meaning for this. I should cap some of the stuff where they refer to Tezuka as 'couch', too. Because I am quite sure that means everybody is going to sit on his lap. I'd so watch that. And now I have a mental image of Tezuka as Santa. I think I have doujinshi of that somewhere... In other news, I've moved furniture and the cats are vexed.
I'm not insanedrop trou!

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Date:November 29th, 2004 - 04:54 pm
*pulls legs*

[User Picture]
Date:November 30th, 2004 - 02:20 pm
mine or yours?

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Date:November 29th, 2004 - 08:22 pm
From reading your journal I have declared you the awesomest person evar and am friending you in order to further observe your awesomeness. Erm, just so you know. Hi!

[User Picture]
Date:November 30th, 2004 - 02:21 pm
Eep! It's not true! I suck. The chibi does not lie.

Hi ;D

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Date:November 30th, 2004 - 07:00 am
lol!! gotta love that HK subs crack! ^^

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Date:November 30th, 2004 - 02:22 pm
I'm considering purchasing the HK dvds just for the engrish :D