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Random Food - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
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Random Food [Dec. 24th, 2004|01:51 am]
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Ever find random food in your house, and eat it? Mmmm, smushed chee-tohs...

Important Public Service Announcement!
You can totally sing "Yatta" to the Gather song. It's like I'm psychic.

So I was reading people's drabbles and stuff earlier, and - oh dammit I probably forgot to comment on some of 'em... sorry. But I was like "Howcome I can't drabble, if everybody else can?" And then I went all "I have drabbled other fandoms. Many times." And so then, I was like "Yeah so howcome I can't do it now?"

Yes, I have conversations with me, in my hed. That's an important point, because most people have 'muses', right? Yeah, those characters that live in your hed and tell you to take two papers when you've only paid for one help guide your creative process. Yah I used to have Greed and Kimberly and Scar and Archer and the kids Rick and Leo from FMA in my hed (no I don't think it's possible for me to spell the word 'head' correctly, except right there just to be inconsistent).

Anyway, this is getting boring, isn't it. See I suck at sleep. So, I've been up since like 8am looking at fanart and making up this post here. Oh and I also did my last-minute Christmas shopping. I didn't score some of the gifts I was looking for, but that's probably better for my bank account anyway.

So, like,
So to make a long story really boring and tedious, here's the characters that live in my head. And the sorts of things they say to me.

The Atobe in my head likes to tell me how cool he is. I just roll my eyes and ask about this rather frilly shirt. Then he esplains how it's pure silk and it's Gucci.

The Yuushi in my hed is embarrassed of Atobe's behavior. The phrase "Konna yarou" comes up a lot. He thinks Atobe makes Hyoutei look bad.

The Akaya in my hed is friggin adorable, just like the Akaya on the anime and manga. He's actually convinced me that it really *was* Tachibana's own fault.

The Dan in my head is absolutely adorable, too. He doesn't think Oshitari should be saying "sonna yarou" all the time about his own teammate. He also likes to tell me about Akutsu-senpai. To the point that when I have the occasion to talk about Akutsu using vocal chords, I almost say "Akutsu-senpai" and I have to catch myself. Because that would sound stupid coming out of my mouth.
Could anything be cuter than Dan :D

The Atobe in my hed thinks he is cuter than Dan. He really isn't, but there's no telling him that. He also thinks Kabaji is cuter than Dan, but I'll discuss that subject later.
Atobe has a bad habit of butting into whatever else is going on. Like, right here, in this post.

The Kita in my hed talks smack about Atobe. He also does amusing Tezuka impressions.

Don't ask.

Akaya doing a Kita impression.
That actually doesn't happen in my hed, I just noticed these pics are similar and thought of it.
Akaya is in my hed a lot. Really, Akaya, Yuushi, and Atobe are the 3 main characters in my hed.

The Sengoku in my hed says "Luck-ee!" and "mengomengo" when he thinks it's appropriate. He also disapproves strongly of SenBe, because Atobe should be seme (ok, right there? Good example of Atobe butting in) because he knows Atobe and Kabaji are in love. I keep trying to convince him that Minami is his true love, but he's still playing the field and doesn't want to be tied down. The Tohji in my hed says that's just his excuse to whore around.

Yes, Dabide is in my hed. Making REALLY BAD bilingual jokes. I made a really good bilingual joke once, we were talking about the movie "Mononoke Hime", and Kym was saying "I dunno why the forest god was called Shishigami." and I said "Maybe they meant FOUR-est god!" See? Tha's a good one.
Dabide tends to make jokes about what happens when kitties fight. It's a terrible joke, I assure you.

The Mizuki in my hed - oh btw, there was a guy working at Gamestop last night that looked just like Mizuki. I almost took a picture to show you, but then you'd have all sed "He doesn't look like Mizuki!"
Anyway, the Mizuki in my hed has convinced me that Yuuta is a really great character. Lately he's been trying to convince me that the Kisarazu twins are the hottness. Also, he swears he doesn't have a crush on Kaidoh. But I like to tease him about that anyway.

I forgot originally why I included this picture, but the Akaya in my hed just wondered how much product Mizuki uses in his hair.
I suspect some kind of rivalry here...

The Tohji in my hed likes chocolate. Or he's saying that to be funny. I can't esplain the coolness that is Tohji. It would give away his superpower.

This is scary, isn't it. There should not be a Sanada in my hed. But there is. So, lke, yer thinkin "Yo. You got Sanada, Atobe, and Kirihara. There's gotta be some fluff there SOMEwhere!" But sadly, it just doesn't work that way. He thinks they're both really immature. He also disapproves of most of my music. Also, he doesn't think the word 'poopoo' is funny.

Yuushi thinks Sanada really DOES think the word 'poopoo' is funny, but that he's afraid to admit it. He won't say that to Sanada, though. It wouldn't be diplomatic.

Yes, Atobe brought Kabaji with him. So, there actually does exist an actual *couple* in my hed, so I guess if I got inspired I might could drabble some of these two...
If you ask Kabaji why he likes Atobe so much, he just gives a cryptic smile and winks. o_O

Tezu-chan is in my hed. But I don't think he wants to be. He disapproves of the nickname Tezu-chan. He disapproves of a great many things. He claims to not think the word 'poopoo' is funny, but he smirks slightly. And he really does think Akaya is cute, but he's trying to be cool. He doesn't trust Yuushi. And he doesn't know that Kita does Tezuka impressions. And he insists that he is never going to non-con Atobe. He's probably not going to, either.

Yuushi thinks Tezuka is overrated. He also thinks Atobe is overrated, and I'm inclined to agree with him.

Atobe can't comprehend that anyone would think he was overrated. Lookit Atobe's uke-face. He did that on purpose to be cute. But we all know Dan's seme-face is way cuter than Atobe's uke-face.

Yuushi is vexed that certain people think Tezuka is sexier than he is. Don't tell him that there do exist individuals that think that Atobe is sexier.

Personally, I think Akaya is sexier. We were watching ep 49, and (we always do this when two guys are on screen at the same time) we were goin "They're gonna make out." And so it was Akaya talking to Tezuka, and I said "They're gonna make out." and Kym goes "Well yeah, who WOULDN'T want to make out with Tezuka?" and I said "Who wouldn't want to make out with Akaya?" and then we both went like this ¬¬

So, I guess I really have no excuse not to make up a little KabaAto. I made up that word just now based on the kanji split of their names. It's a stupid word.

So, here, have a K-A mini. A really weird one. Fic is weird in general.

by makaioh

I am not putting a disclaimer on here because anyone who would sue me for writing this has serious mental problems and it'll be funny.

   "You're difficult to shop for, Kabaji. It's easier if you have a Christmas wish list, you know." I hope he doesn't hate it, he's too polite to express disappointment if he does, and I'll never know.
   "Usu." Wow, a framed picture of Atobe-sama! It's just what I wanted!
   "What? For me?" Uh oh. Hope his gift isn't better than mine. I'll look like an ass.
   "Usu." Hope it's the right color...
   "Wha... how did you know I wanted a kitten! Ahhn, very sneaky, Kabaji!" How does he DO that?
   "Usu." I know everything about Atobe-sama. It's important to know.
   "Ow, she bit me. Feisty kitten, ahhn. I think I'll call her Tiffany. This is the cutest kitten I've ever seen, ne Kabaji." Ow, she bit me.
   "Usu." Not as cute as Atobe-sama holding a kitten.
   "This is the best gift I've ever received. Kabaji..."

teh end.

I like it like that, the story. I know nobody else does, but ... there you go, why I don't do that sort of thing very often. Now I'm all happy from fluff and crack, and I'm going out to dinner!!

I'm not insanedrop trou!

[User Picture]
Date:December 24th, 2004 - 07:33 pm
Your new BG is spiffy, your screencaps are... iiiinteresting, and your drabble is nice (along with iiiinteresting.) Yes. :D Merry Christmas!

[User Picture]
Date:December 24th, 2004 - 10:44 pm
That's a nice way of saying "You're insane", isn't it.

I'm OK with that ;D

[User Picture]
Date:December 25th, 2004 - 09:09 am

[User Picture]
Date:December 24th, 2004 - 08:25 pm
Kyaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! You're ficcie is ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!! I have such a soft spot for Kabaji/Atobe and that was just all kind of cuuute and in character and SQUEEEEE warm fuzzies. XD

& it's SCARY when you have muses. I have... 8 characters in my head, and I have to keep them all happy and try not to fic too much SenHiyo so MuroShin don't get bitchy and.... (Sengoku and Shinji fight a lot. It makes me T_T)

NEVER let Shinji into your head. He EATS your BRAIN and won't let go~~~~~!!!!!!! (Not that I don't love him dearly, but... dear god he made me write exhibitionist underage crossdessing boys!!! I was so scared!! XP)

Enjoy your dinner!!!
and stop introducing me to OTPs! MuroShin was all your fault and they pwned me, I will not surrender to the KabaAto

[User Picture]
Date:December 24th, 2004 - 11:02 pm
Ahhhh so glad you liked!! I so adore KabaAto, and it's *gasp* CANON even! I adore the MuroShin. That's just teh awesome. But Shinji is not in my head, and I think my brain has already been eaten by Oshitari.

The crossdressing was teh yum :D I want to draw that. I don't think I have the skill, but at least I have the mental image ;)
Here's a pic I drew years ago of Raditz from DBZ crossdressing. Somewhere, there's a pic of Piccolo (DBZ) in a teddy or corset or something, too. I forgot where I put that one, though.

[User Picture]
Date:December 25th, 2004 - 08:09 am
*Giggles.* Great pic. XD I love the miniskirt with all the muscles. ^____^ & his expression! XD

*blushes.* Glad you got the mental image at least, 'cuz it is quite pretty. >_>

*Pets you.* Have fun w/Oshitari!brain today. XD

[User Picture]
Date:December 24th, 2004 - 10:38 pm
KabaAto love! KabaAto luv! *dances*

i think Gakuto is the sexiest~! *______*

[User Picture]
Date:December 24th, 2004 - 11:05 pm
Yuushi agrees with you ;D

[User Picture]
Date:December 25th, 2004 - 04:47 am
I love how you play with random, old sccaps and mix them together to prove whatever non-existant point XDDD
And the short drabble is funny.
I love KabaAto. AtoKaba or Atobe riding Kabaji.
By the way, speaking of bad bilingual jokes, maybe you know this, or maybe you don't, but in Spanish "horse" is "caballo", which sounds like "kabajo". Therefore, you can imagine our amusement when on chapter 115 there was Don Atobe riding a "Kabajo" XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
The PoT fanservice machines like to play with languages, I see.

Date:December 30th, 2004 - 09:17 am
Kabaji/Atobe! OMG, my heart palpitates with gleeeeh! I absolutely love KabaAto. Or AtoKaba. Or whatever. Eeee.

And now I understand where you get the wonderful crack you put out. Ahahaha, all those cracky boys and gals living in your brain, your days must be loads of fun. XD