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55th NHK Kouhaku part 1 of like 3 or 4 - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
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55th NHK Kouhaku part 1 of like 3 or 4 [Jan. 9th, 2005|10:26 pm]
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I took a great many screencaps of the 2004 NHK Kouhaku. Some of it is teh awesome, some of it is scary, but rest assured this is the first of a few posts. I am NOT posting all 246 pictures in one post. I posted over 300 pics in one post once. It broke people's browsers.

So, here we go, 55th NHK Kouhaku, with comments by you-know-who. (Sorry, I find that to be fun.)

(also, I don't have a little Val avatar to use. So there!)


Gratuitous aiko.
And ELT and DCT on the next row.
And W on the next row after that desu!
Nobody likes them.
I like them!
You would.

The first of many gratuitous pics of the ubiquitous Kiyoshi.
Is he wearing the same thing he was wearing for the Japan Record Awards?
Looks like it. And please tell me that's not who I think it is in the 2nd row...
Looks like it. But Gackt is in the 3rd row so it's all good.
Somebody shoot me now.

Are those backup dancers wearing a Hyoutei uniform?
Looks like it.
They're lookin good. I'm switchin schools ;)

That's Tokio. They're pretty good.
As usual, you are mistaken. They're mediocre at best and they're dressed atrociously.

That song is particularly irritating.
You just don't know what's good.
No, he's right. That song was overplayed and annoying.

What *are* they wearing.
I don't know, but it looks like he's about to take his off. Take it off! Take it all off!

It's not that bad. That guy's kinda cute.
Gah he is not! And they're not a good band! Can we move on please?

Sheesh who pissed in your cornflakes.
I'm about to slap you.
Seriously. You're being a world-class dick.
I have a headache. Everybody just shut up.
Ahhhhn, I know a cure for headaches ;)
Get away from me.

Wow. That really is a hideous outfit.
Looks like something you'd wear. Heh.
Oh it does not!
Wait til Matsudaira Ken comes onstage. Then we'll see a Mizuki outfit hee hee!
Shut up!

There's a Mizuki outfit. Frilly purple dress!
Sengoku, your teammates are unruly.
Like your hair?

Shush! I'm trying to look up some dresses here!

Actually, Mizuki, you'd look pretty good in that dress.
Well I admit it has a certain charm to it... Hey, wait a minute! You guys can all go to hell!

Is she feeling herself up? Because that's what it looks like to me.
I don't know, but I'm going to pretend that's what she's doing. I like this show.

Hey go back to the chick that was touching herself!

Woot! Yeah that's what we came to see! More of that!
I never tire of watching girls kissing girls!
You're all a bunch of degenerates.
Oh like you aren't enjoying this.

Those two are SO going to make out.
This is the best show I've ever seen.

Hey where's the girl-luv! Bring back the girl-luv!

Now that's just scary. What are they wearing on their feet?
Someone call the fashion police quick.
Are you sure you don't want to borrow that outfit? *giggle*

I had no idea girls did it that way!
Maybe that one chick isn't a girl at all...

Oh HELL yeah! Navel time!
My headache is suddenly gone ;)
This is truly the best show I've ever seen.

Oh god yes. I could watch this all day.
Hell yeah I could watch this all day.
They're underage, you know.
Good, so am I ;)

I think Sengoku-senpai has passed out from blood loss desu.
What a dumbass! He's missing all these navels!

OK that chick isn't doing it for me.
You moron. That's one of the singers in w-inds.
Oh well if he's a guy, he's pretty hott.
There are times when I just hang my head and sigh. Bunch of horny perverts.

Is that a boy band?
What did I miss? Oh, w-inds. I can sing better than those guys.
Oh you can not.

I can at least sing better than that guy.
No you can't! That's the 'shinjiteeee' guy!

Why are they dressed like something out of Mad Max?
Because they're rock stars. Duh.

OK OK we get the idea. This guy is cute. Yes.
Are you awed by his pretty? *snicker*
Do I know you?
Don't touch me.

I like the blonde hair.
If you like it why don't you dye yours blonde?
Yeah you already act blonde heheh.
That would look st00pit.
Exactly >D

OK I'm tired of this guy already.
Ahh you're awed by HIS pretty.
Would you stop that?
Stop what? He's a good lookin guy is all I'm sayin >D
I'm beginning to dislike you.

... well?
Well what?
Aren't you going to make some comment?
Are you two flirting?
Shut up!

Oh well thanks for capping that line of the song. Now it'll be stuck in my hed all day.
"... so I can-not for-get 4 sea-sons we've lived in..."

Zomg fukubuchou. Luv?
Not now, dumbass, I'm watching aiko.
Hey. That was a good joke. I wanted to make that joke.
I wanted to make that joke!
You couldn't have made that joke. It was a GOOD joke.
Aww damn. I was hoping it wasn't a joke.

Will you guys shut up? aiko is on.
aiko's awesome, but her recent works have been overproduced.
Yeah, her older stuff is better, as far as recording quality.
Yeah, her indie stuff was the best.

Have you seen the live concert DVDs? Hot damn, she's cute.
Hai desu! Did you see the last one where she did the bunny dance? That was so cute desu!
Was it ever. I almost died.

Did you know her song 'Boyfriend' was almost banned from NHK radio because TETORAPOTTO is a brand name?
Really? I didn't know that. Wait... how did YOU know that?
What you think everyone that doesn't go to your sk00l is stupid?
Heheh. Yes >D

Seriously. Shh. I'm trying to hear the song.
Seriously? Sakura no Toki is a way better song.
Totally. Geez you'd think you'd never heard this song before.
Yeah they only play it like EVERYWHERE.
Not saying it's bad, just you know, there's better aiko songs.

Damn somebody really did piss in his cornflakes.
It wasn't me. That's disgusting.
You're a freaky guy, you know?
Speaking of freaks, where did Atobe go?

"...umare kawattemo anata o mitsukeru..."
Oh great. Karaoke king.

She really is amazingly cute.
But she didn't show her navel desu.
Not in this performance, but in the PV you can totally see up her dress in one scene.
Akaya! That's indecent!
... ¬¬
... ok fine. What scene?
I'll send you the screencap later.

She really is outrageously cute.
D00d. We just said that.
Damn you guys are mouthy.
Man, she's just so cute.
OK look, we already said that! Like, three times! Although she is *damn* cute.
I wasn't listening, I was singing karaoke.

I'm going to have to watch this later when people aren't singing along and making comments through the whole thing.

Oh, damn, I missed most of aiko's performance.
And Sengoku's performance, and lots of pointless chatter. It's annoying as hell in here.
"... onaji, hizashi o..."
She's so cute.
Are you awed by her cute? Ore-sama no KAWAII ni yoi na!
... not funny...
*laughs* Yes it is!
Hehehe... I mean, no. That's not funny. Hehehe... ok maybe a little funny...

You two were making out.
*blush* Lies!!
Oh yeah. You were.
They so were.
Awww, Atobe, I thought you said I was the only one! *giggle*
Get away from me.
I bet Kita was seme.
What's 'seme' mean?
Aww, that's cute.
What's cute, aiko? She sure is cute.
Ore-sama no KAWAII ni yoi na.
... you're not even almost half as cute as aiko.
I am.
Go to hell.
I'm that cute!
Somebody shoot me now.

I'm not insanedrop trou!

[User Picture]
Date:January 9th, 2005 - 10:34 pm
.... XD your commentaries are almost better than fic!! (but are definitely better than researching for my theses)

..............ARRRGGGHHHHHHH you did it again.... you made AtobexKita so CUTE and now another crack pairing is simmering in my brain.... >_> & omgseme!kita... uke!Atobe is my greatest weakness....


[User Picture]
Date:January 10th, 2005 - 09:09 am
They ARE cute... but..but..KabaAto! But KitaAto is SO CUTE... but..but..KABAJI.. but Kita is so cute...
*brain esplodes*

Damn Atobe for being such a whore ;D