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Gratuitous Love-fest - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
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Gratuitous Love-fest [Dec. 28th, 2003|08:16 pm]
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No need to read it, really. In fact, I'm not gonna even try to make it interesting or grammatically correct ^_^

(its about the Cowboy Bebop movie) Spike's all "Didn't we have cup noodle yesterday?" and Jet's like "Duh, three days in a row," and then Spike's like "Haven't you ever heard of meat?" and Jet's all "Shut up!" Well, not really. But that's what he wanted to say. And the beginning scene, Spike's all mad and he's like "Dude you said there was 3 guys!" and Jet's like "Misinformation is a strategy, yo, " and Spike's all "What-everr!" Ok, it wasn't in those exact words, but I captured the spirit of the conversation. I'll probably edit this post in a minute and capture the spirit of other conversations.
Edit #1: So Spike walks up to the convenience store that's being robbed, and like, there's a thug outside, and he's all "Dude, we closed. Go away." And so Spike looks down at his shoes and then BOO-YAH he kicks the dude in the face! A kick in the face, how sweet is that! Not so sweet if it's your face, I guess.
Edit #2: So, Faye is on the trail of the hacker kid Lee or whatever, and after Ed tells her where he is, she cranks up the tunes and starts jammin to "Cosmic Dare". She's nodding her head to the beat when Ed calls, too. It's so cute!
Edit #3: So then, she's back on Bebop, and like, they're watchin the news, and she says she was there where the truck exploded, and Spike Jet Ed and Ein are all like "Get away! Cooties!" and she gets all mad and chases them around and she grabs Spike and noogies him! Then the tv says "300 million woolongs" and they all stop in their tracks "Do what now?!" It's so awesome!
When Ed grows up, she's gonna be Haruhara Haruko. Note the resemblence, in pictures I'm not willing to host on a website. Haruko is Ed all growed up. I think that subject deserves it's own post.
Edit #T: At the end, like, Spike and Vincent have been fighting, and Spike is now on the "ground" leaning against a ... i-beam or something, and it's raining (because Faye, remember?) and Spike is probably beaten, and he pulls out a cigarette. In the pouring rain. And he wants to smoke it. But he can't, because it's all wet, so he throws it down. And the point of that is, when all seems lost, smoke if you got 'em.
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